Female VA, mid-low to mid-high range. I use an SM7B XLR microphone with an Audient iD4 Mk II interface. Invitations are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Low-effort and/or copy-pasted messages will be ignored.

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About Lynn

Hi! I'm Lynn, a 20-something (voice) actor.

I love expressing myself through acting, and am particularly fond of a raw, emotional sort of delivery. I tend to veer towards a genuine sound over a stylized one, so that's the sort of delivery you'll usually - but not always - hear me go for.

I gave my recording equipment and space a big upgrade at the end of May 2022. Please keep this in mind when listening to my older auditions, as they are of much lower quality and do not represent my current setup.

Thanks for coming by~

  • @marianne-salems

    I would recommend hiring them! They are very good at their job and it's an absolute delight to work with them! If you want someone talented and easy to work with, this is the person for you!

  • @abitat

    Lynn is a really sweet and talented VA :) She gave a stellar audition in our project and has gladly offered to provide supporting and minor character voices to help us along in our project. Her tone is soft and adaptable, with good emotion, intonation and creative improvisation thrown in too. Plus she's really friendly and has great team spirit, making her a valuable asset to our team. I would certainly recommend that you consider Lynn to VA in your project - you won't regret it! :)

  • @skeever

    LynnVA was able to take my advice to the T. She performed 100% exactly as instructed and the results were very satisfactory. I will continue working with her and I am very happy with her performance and quality of audio and work.

  • @crimson-sugar-studio

    It was such a pleasure to work with Lynn! From her audition alone, it was clear to see how talented she is, and everything else we've received from her since then was equally outstanding! She has a very expressive tone, and can capture a wide array of emotions in a flawlessly authentic and natural way, and above that, she was able to follow the directions we gave exactly, perfectly matching our vision. We are so grateful that we had the opportunity to include her in this project!

  • @rook-donjon

    LynnVA is an excellent voice actor. She's always posting voice lines on time and has no problem recording multiple takes. She speaks clearly, professionally, and is one of the best voice actors I've ever met.

    You won't regret having her on your team!

  • @sammyliscious

    • Very talented voice actor! She's incredibly patient and has an insane voice range and capacity (I hope your mic is okay after all that screaming for the Sam audition-). I highly recommend working with Lynn! Thank you so much for your work!

  • @FanScapePod

    I had the pleasure of casting LynnVA as one of our lead roles in our new Audio Drama Podcast!  She was a pleasure to work with and talk to , open to critique when needed and just a gem on the series.

    I can't wait to work with Lynn again , and you should definitely use her in your project

  • @MatthewQ

    Lynn has been great to work with since I brought her on board my project. She has an understanding of her character and has been a big part in shaping the character she plays. She is instrumental as one of the leads and I hope PG pays off for her long-term for her VA aspirations.