Kabuyama VA

Kabuyama VA

Voice Talent, Audio Engineer, Writer, Editor

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About Kabuyama VA

Greetings! I am a professional voice actor that has a commitment to quality work and efficiency. As a flexible talent, I am sure to fit any character, narration, or otherwise that you are looking for. Whether it is audio engineering, writing, editing, or otherwise; I can bring value to any project and look forward to working with you in the future!


My rates are dependent on what is required of me but I am flexible and open to discussion.

What Kabuyama VA is looking for

I am open to cooperating with any project that requires quality work and holds respect in high regard. Though I tend to gravitate toward paying projects, I will occasionally cooperate with contracts that I find pique my interest or that are for a non-profit organization that aligns with my values and beliefs.