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About Genshin Impact Comic Dubs (Voice Actors Needed!)

Hello everyone! It's been a while since I've been active in the voice acting community but here we are again. I run a YouTube channel named Millie VA that specialises in comic dubs of several different franchises. It's been over a year since my last upload as I lost interest and, frankly, the time to edit anything. Now though, I have the motivation and time to begin to make videos again and I need a hand with the voicework.

I'm planning on creating Genshin Impact comic dubs and am in dire need of mostly male voice talents.

This project is for fun only and is not paid work. I apologise in advance if that is not something that interests you.

I will be voicing most of the female characters but I will still open roles for anyone to auditions for voices that I cannot do. If a character does not appear on here and you wish to audition for them, contact me via my Discord Milsta#3768 and we can discuss that there.

Some LGBTQ+ themes may be present in the comics. If that makes you uncomfortable for whatever reason, do not audition, and please scroll.

I also really don't want any ship discourse. If a ship makes me uncomfortable, I will not be using any comics that feature it. If you are cast as a role and I send through a comic containing a ship that makes you uncomfortable, you have every right to tell me. I will not force anyone to voice any content that they aren't comfortable with; I want us to work well and get along on this project!


- Decent microphone quality (I can mostly edit background noise but please, I don't want to hear your PC fan too much)
- Must have Discord
- 16+ (Some comics may have a slight nsfw tone to them, if you are not at least 16 for that or can feel uncomfortable easily, do not audition)
- Be interested in Genshin Impact or have played it
- Be committed to the project and able to hand in voice files on deadline. (I may remove you from the project if you continuously miss deadlines)
- Record several takes of the voice lines in your audition.
-  Probably most importantly, have fun with your audition!

Good luck to all! If there's anything you need to ask me, please contact me via Discord at Milsta#3768.

About the Creator: milsta

I'm Millie, your friendly neighbourhood voice actress! I'm based in England so my timezone is GMT+1 but, no matter the time, I'll always put 100% effort into any project I'm apart of. I'm very cooperative and friendly and I don't bite!  I'm available to talk to via discord at most hours if you ever need me for anything, don't be shy to drop me a message!

Discord: Milsta#3768

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