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About Lumina

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Hi hai cutie pie!!

I'm just some Mexican American enby and lover of cute things who is super into voice acting! I have tons of experience in theatre, drawing, cosplaying, I tried just about everything since I like trying out all kinds of hobbies. Anyways, I'm primarily doing my best getting out there as a voice actor!

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About me

Name: Lumina or Emilia

Pronouns: They/She

Age: 22

Vocal Range: Medium high

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Icon by akiramonsta on Twitter!

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Contact Information


Instagram: luminashine

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When contacting me for a project, please make sure to include this!

Summary or brief description of the project

Information and/or voice type for character(s) you would want me to voice

✧ Long term or short term project

✧ Paid or unpaid project

✧ Examples of previous work

✧ When and/or where will project be distributed

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.15 USD per word

Rates are negotiable.

Open to almost any kind of works, but contact me more about this privately, either through email or on Discord!

  • @atticus-rose

    Lumina was such a wonderful actress to have on my project! She voiced Ganyu in my reading of "Sole Proprietorship" and she provided a wonderful and sweet voice for her! As minor as her role was, she still gave it her all and showed that she is more than willing to bring her talents to more projects! She is a must have!

  • @deleted575502

    I've been working for a couple of months with her now and honestly its been an honor to work with Lumina! She is a very nice, kind and responsible person and have an easy time in terms of communication. She is definitely talented and has done an amazing performance as a narrator. I highly recommend her! 

  • @sl-wind

    Lumina is a great person to work with. She is very friendly and is very capable of providing very good works for the role she is assigned to. She is one of the very few who had no need to provide corrections to me for their works. She is also very communicative and voices out well in a group.

  • @ViraXVaAnime

    Lumina is a voice actress to a T, she has a remarkable range. And when I assigned types of voices for a script. She sounded exactly as I imagined it. her performances is incredible, each unique and distinguishable from the rest that it blew me away. I can’t wait to work with her more in the near future