Your friendly neighbourhood English voice actress.

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About Milsta

I'm Millie, your friendly neighbourhood voice actress! I'm based in England so my timezone is GMT+1 but, no matter the time, I'll always put 100% effort into any project I'm apart of. I'm very cooperative and friendly and I don't bite!  I'm available to talk to via discord at most hours if you ever need me for anything, don't be shy to drop me a message!

Discord: Milsta#3768

  • @n3fspr1ng

    Millie's very friendly, caring, easy to work with, and a great voice actor. Would recommend her for any role! :)

  • @lord-krit

    Easy-going and wonderful, provides quality performance and character with enough charm. Big thumbs up. - Lord Krit

  • @tobyisback

    Awesome and hardworking VA. Provided lines on time and did a perfect job!

  • @xaviersims

    Millie was fun and easy to work with. She was the voice of Susan for my latest audio drama project called "Little Orphan". Her character was rather mean-spirited, tough girl looking for trouble. I loved her performance. She is amazing.