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Ken4656's Production Credits
About Frontier Stories from Starfield ~ Season 1

Hello, everyone! This casting call is for writers and voice actors for Season 1 of "Frontier: Stories from Starfield", based on Bethesda's new Starfield game launching 9.1.23. This podcast will be a serial anthology of tales in a wide variety of styles and tone akin to shows like "The Outer Limits", "The Twilight Zone" and "Amazing Stories" with each standalone episode being 60 minutes in length. We're really looking for a diverse selection of stories and genres celebration the exploration of space to be expected in the game with its wonders and horrors. 

People cast for main roles will be asked to provide lines for additional, smaller roles not featured on CCC. If you're not cast for a main role, and your voice matches the tone of the show, we may ask you to provide lines for supporting roles in the production. 

All roles are in the English language. 

As this is a fan project only, all roles are unpaid and in accordance and compliance of Zenimax Terms of Use this show is a not for profit venture that simply celebrates a shared love of Starfield with the creation of new, immersive original stories. Additionally, 100% of any ad revenue from this podcast will be donated to our 3rd party Tiltify managed charity drive for the Save the Children Organization, that since 1919 has made a difference for children all over the world in child health, education and protection.  All voice actors however will be IMDB credited for their roles regardless of the size of the role. All episodes of the show will be listed on there. 


Expect to be warmly greeted by Kenneth Vigue, the creator and showrunner. At this point, you'll be part of our Starfield family, where you'll get to interact with other voices actors from around the globe, all of whom offer a wealth of experience and knowledge. 

We communicate primarily through Discord and Facebook Messenger. If you are unfamiliar with either of these applications, you can still audition, however, we strongly, strongly recommend participation through Discord so that you can collaborate with your fellow voice actors. We've used Discord and Facebook Messenger with other projects and it has been of immense value. 


Writing short compact tales is a challenge and one that we hope you'll enjoy! With the rare exception we're looking for well written stories with relatable characters. We are running 11 episodes in our first season, 8 of which are open to outside writers from the team for story concept submissions. All podcast episodes will be fully produced and edited by our team with rich, cinematic soundscapes and orchestral music. 


First and foremost, have fun -- we take pride in bringing together talents in different mediums to create something truly phenomenal, but none of it means anything if the people involved aren't passionate about their craft. 

Please submit clean recordings on prosumer mics (no air conditioners in the background, no fans -- we don't mind performing SLIGHT noise reduction on your files, however too much clean-up reduces the quality of your voice). And speaking of clean-up -- please let us handle the post-production. Don't add effects to your lines -- leave that to our audio geniuses :) 

Feel free to cut your lines to your best/favorite takes. Three is the gold standard. We have a few voice actors that would rather give us more takes, and that's okay, too. However please at least remove the takes you don't want to be featured on the podcast. 

Please submit your recordings as one .wav file to our podcast email address, which will be provided to you after casting. If a file is too large to submit via email, we prefer to use WeTransfer. 

We do occasionally ask for line re-dos, but we do this sparingly and only after great consideration - we realize your time is valuable, and we won't ask for anything we can't work around in edits. 

Lastly, since we are planning on multiple seasons of Fronter: Stories from Starfield, we 'd like to cast people who will be able to stick with us for a while. We're incredibly proud of the acting troupe we've formed over the years, and when starting a new project, we frequently return to voice actors we've worked with in the past. Be sure you're fully onboard with voice acting before committing to the character, as it's hard to write around you if you aren't fully invested.

About the Creator: ken4656

My name is Kenneth Vigue, author and narrator of this podcast. Growing up my grandmother would take me to the library in the town where I grew up every weekend. One fateful day, I ventured out of the children's room and headed up the massive Victorian staircase to the upstairs. I was awestruck by the 3 level open space, surrounded with balconies filled with books. In one cornered I wandered up to the very top level and found a dark and dusty corner room. It was filled floor to ceiling with records, which I had never seen before. I checked out "Lights Out: Murder Castle", a vintage radio horror. So began a lifelong love of the kind of audio wizardry that could be cooked up with sound long, long before television. It required an active imagination and it cultivated it in turn.

Podcasting today has given new life to this vintage auditory art form, with groundbreaking shows such as "The NoSleep Podcast", "Limetown" and "The Black Tapes" being modern versions of classic radio drama.

With this podcast, 3 of my great loves have come together into some kind of mutated concoction of sound. My hope is to see more Fallout fans getting creative, sharing their passion and building on this amazing universe.