Josh Smith

Josh Smith

Voice Actor | Repped by Helen Wells Agency

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About Josh Smith

Heya, I’m Josh! I am a passionate and dynamic Voice Actor with a broad character range and an approachable geek-dad-next-door conversational tone. Vocal range is baritone and native accent is American/Midwest.

I have...

  • extensive voice acting training in animation, video games, narration, commercial & promo work   

  • a professional grade home studio, equipment and editing capabilities 

  • boundless curiosity with a deep love to learn and educate

  • a dedication to perfection developed in over two decades of corporate work experience in the financial sector


Closing Credits - 2022

Voice Acting 101

Instructed by Joe Goffeney

Enrolled April 2022

A VO's Journey - 2022

Elite Academy

Instructed by See below

Anthony PIca, Susan Fouche, Don Baarns, Angela Ohlfest, Kat Siggers & Angela Clark


Voice Acting 201

Instructed by Brendan Hunter

Enrolled for June 2022

Michael Schwalbe - 2022


Instructed by Michael Schwalbe
Closing Credits - 2023

Voice Acting 301

Instructed by Deb Munro
Brendan Hunter - 2022


Instructed by Brendan Hunter
Voice Acting Mastery - 2023


Instructed by Crispin Freeman
Closing Credits - 2023

Applied ADR

Instructed by John Wang & Tony Wijs
Closing Credits - 2023


Instructed by June Yoon
  • @thebawb

    I had the pleasure of managing Josh on a Skyrim mod project. He was remarkably reliable and efficient, often recording his lines well before the established deadlines. His lines were consistently professional, clean and well-articulated. He also proved to be extraordinarily knowledgeable about voice-overs and audio and his recommendations greatly benefitted the project. Overall, I highly recommend him!

  • @cgy95

    I worked with Josh on the Fallout: New Vegas mod: Race To The Bottom where he voiced the main quest giver Hosea. This was a fairly large role and Josh had a lot of enthusiasm for it! You'll struggle to find anyone else with this level of passion, range and talent! The lines were delivered very quickly and Josh was very receptive to feedback and direction. They brought a character I spent a lot of time writing to life and elevated the material to a level I never expected it to reach all with top notch audio equipment. It was a pleasure working with them and I'd be very lucky to find another VA as enthusiastic to work with in the future!

  • @nerdybird-studios

    Josh did an AWESOME job of voicing 'Gangster Guy' in my latest Steam Game. Not only did he provide his amazing voice, but he showed professionalism, great communication, and support at all times! It was a pleasure to work with him, and also to give him this recommendation. I hope you consider him for your next project, you won't regret it!!