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Well, let's get right to it: I'm a LGBT+ voice actor who wishes to both improve and apply my talents by working on your projects. I have a variety of interests and most lean toward the geeky side: video games, animation, drawing, occasional writing, and the like.

My dream goals are to regularly voice characters in audio dramas, video games, and to provide voice over work for commercials and elearning.

Joe Zieja's Voice Acting Academy - 2023

Joe Zieja's Voice Acting Academy

Instructed by Joe Zieja
  • @ken4656

    I had the pleasure of working with Phil L. while producing Frontier: Stories from Starfield in our first season. He voiced "The Computer" and "Probe" for  our episode, "The Dreaming Star" and "Scrappy" for our episode titled, "Subnomimal 1". He has a strong, clear and resonant quality to his voice, was very professional and has been a true joy to work with on this and many projects to come. Highly recommend to any showrunner/casting director. 

  • @jessiejon932

    I managed to direct Phil in the Starfield project for my episode Subnominal 1. He was quick to deliver his lines and was professional and courteous the entire time. He was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend to any casting directors looking at this profile. 10/10!

  • @toxicwhiteout

    I highly recommend Phil as a talented and hardworking Voice Actor. His work was professional, high quality, and fit the role descriptions exactly as requested. Phil voiced multiple characters in the new Dry Wells Fallout New Vegas mod, and excelled at all of them!