Patrick (Jaxxis) Conway

Patrick (Jaxxis) Conway

Please take time to listen to my demo and thank you for your time.

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About Patrick (Jaxxis) Conway

Podcaster, Voice Actor, Father, and Moron. Currently cast member on The Modus Files and Co-host on The Fallout Roundtable podcast.

My discord: Jaxxis#6597

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The Modus Files:…

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What Patrick (Jaxxis) Conway is looking for

Voice acting, Audio editing, Podcasting host, Narration, Commercial advertisement, and anything fun.

  • @Enclave-Operative

    Working with Jaxxis has been a pleasure. He takes incredible pride in his work and proactively seeks direction and provides extremely fast turnaround on lines as well.

    I plan on engaging with him on multiple new opportunities and would certainly encourage any creator looking for an excellent voice actor to check him out.

  • @akarion

    While working with Patrick, he delivered his lines quickly and was willing to do repeated takes when asked. Great to work with, definitely can recommend.

  • @MrQuax

    So far, I have only sent him one script, but he delivered his lines perfectly.  You should choose him for any roles he auditions for.

  • @vetrodev

    Jaxxis did voice acting for my game project, and I was blown away by his talent and commitment to my project! I would recommend this man to anyone who is searching for a voice actor.