Jessie Jones

Jessie Jones

I am a professional Voice Over Artist and Actor.

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About Jessie Jones

Examples of my recently completed Voice Acting work:
America Rising 2 - Legacy of the Enclave (Fallout 4 Mod) -  By otellino
Cast as: Site Gamma Automated PA System
Authority over Accustomed - Frontier: Stories from Starfield -  By J.J Mills in collaboration with Frontier.
Cast as: Electrical Engineering Personnel
Encounters of the Mojave Primm/Mojave Outpost -  By kvatchcount
Cast as: Lazy NCR Trooper
The Adventures of Fireteam - A Halo 3 Machinima Series - By PudgeyHamster
Cast as: Max the Elite
Headhunters Season 3 - A Halo Infinite Machinima - By tempestknight16
Cast as: Reprising my role of Ezra (AI) after 7 years.
Halo Tarkov: ONI Files (2 eps) - By Jumperscape Audio
Cast as: Mike Thompson

Tenacious (A Sims Machinima) - By Omniimoon
Cast as: Bryan
Bobblehead Companions Season 1 (Halo 4 Machnima) - By The Thrive Verse
Cats as: The Haywater Taker
Windfall-Archive 3 - By Johnson
Cast as: Dr Miles Howard
Goodbye Blue Sky (Fallout 3 Quest Mod) - By Wallice and udminjuergen
Cast as: Orthan
There's No Such Thing As Bad Publicity (Fallout 3 Mod)  - By UltralightBeam
Cast as: Charlie Dogwood
Radio Broadcast (Dayz RP Radio Transmission) - by vibingvampire
Cast as: Rory's dad
Fallout Cops: Episode 8 (A Fallout Machinima) - By Centopocy
Cast as: Dell (The institute Synth)
Halo Tarkov: A Halo Machinima Series (10 eps) - By Jumperscape Audio
Cast as: Mike & The Knowing
Five Nights at Freddy's 2 Re-Imagined: A Fan Project - By Dandyredpandy
Cast as: Mysterious Man
The Angel in the Woods (A Destiny Machinima) - By Quasar Cinema
Cast as: Gerrard
Chimes a Visual Story (App)- By Neoaptt
Cast as: John
Portal an Unauthorized Fan Dub: Lab rat - By DrFunk98
Cast as: GlaDos
GTA 5 The Zombie Attack Revelations (Machinima Film 4 Parts 6-10) - By The triple g beast
Cast as: Gordon Cash
Headhunters Season 2 A Halo Reach Machinima - By tempestknight16
Cast as: Ezra (AI)
Fallout the Reapers Wrath (Fallout Machinima) - By ModFactory
Cast as: Protagonist 1
The Circus (Audio Story) - Saturday Storytellers
Cast as: Narrator
Rift A destiny machinima - tempestknight16
Cast as: Osiris
Descent on Reach A Halo Reach Machinima - By NINJAVIP
Cast as: Marine Sergeant
Headhunters Season One Finale A Halo Reach Machinima - By tempestkinght16
Cast as: Marine One, Elite 2
Skyrim Beyond Reach Expansion (Game Mod) - by razorkid
Cast as: Imperial Guard and Beggar
Back to Scattered Echoes A Five Nights at Freddy's project
Cast as: Main Antagonist

Contact Details:

I like to keep people up to date with how you can contact me with any questions and queries in reference to my past work or to hire me for your gig. In any case your easiest way to get in touch is via message or on Discord: Jessie Jones#4754

  • @toads19

    this mans voice gives me an orgasm everytime i hear it

  • @triple-g-beast

    As the casting director, he was very reliable to send me the lines I needed for my project. He was not afraid to ask questions to ensure the lines would be as perfect as possible. I can tell he is passionate and motivated, as he truly cares about his work. We are currently working together on a project, and I am very proud to have him on board.

  • @electricspark9870

    Dear lord this man is quick to get his lines in! As soon as i had cast him he joined the discord server for my project, and started recording his lines ASAP, 2 hours later he is nearly done recording his lines, and he is a very good VA, so if you want a good VA who is quick to get his lines in, cast this guy!

  • @ellith-productions

    Jessie turned in his lines before the deadline, after he got his role for the project. He has a great singing voice and I would definitely work with him again.

  • @drfunk98

    I regret how long it took me to make this, due to the production of the video mentioned below.

    Jessie essentially saved my project of a Portal 2 comic dub. His performance of GLaDOS was so spot on to her original voice from the first game, and because he had Melodyne it doubled the authenticity that much more.

    Jessie was very eager and extremely professional in the time he worked on my project. Checking in on updates, and the way he handled himself in the recordings.

    I think any projects would be lucky to have him on board, as lucky as I was to have him. I highly recommend casting him, he is truly incredible!

  • @centopocy

    Jessie is extremely professional and easy to work with. Upon casting him, he delivered his voice lines within hours. Jessie is a talented voice actor with a wide range of voices and natural acting ability.

  • @austin-ao-mcnamara

    From the very beginning of our project many years ago, Jessie has remained diligent and loyal to the production of this series. With his dedication, he managed to pull off an incredibly convincing character that helped bring our story to life.
    Very easy to work with, capable of changing lines on the fly and updating when necessary, isn't afraid to do multiple takes of the same lines to get the performance perfect, and overall is a script-writers best friend. Highly recommend.

  • @ulbeam

    Jessie had a great performance when I cast him in my first project, with a distinctive voice and a versatile range. He was awesome to collaborate with, very thorough in his performance, and incredibly helpful when sending work over. As such, I requested his work again in my next project, and he knocked it out of the park. From a director's standpoint, he was the perfect choice!

  • @otellino

    Jessie was great to work with - his turnaround time was sensational, he was very easy to talk to and quick to respond, and his performance was exactly what I was looking for. Would love to work with him again!

  • @cu-na-saoirse

    What can I say about Jessie Jones? Well, I'll just go ahead and tell you. It's great.

    Jessie Jones approached me for a FNV project titled Encounters of the Mojave. Their role seemed insignificant, but that didn't stop them putting in all their effort and time into making the character seem real and alive. Coupled with their fast work pace and friendly demeanor, it was a pleasure working with them and I would gladly, if given the opportunity, work with them again any time, any day of the week.

  • @mbartlettva

    Jessie was great to collaborate with and made it very clear what was wanted while still leaving room to play around a bit and feel like an important part of the entire production's creation! Definitely a highly recommended person to work with in all capacities! 

  • @plonidier

    Jessie was a pleasure to work with. He was my manger/director for the Starfield project Subnomimal 1 and was both clear with what he wanted from the role/recording and quick to respond with anything that was needed. I would work with him again without question.