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About Fire Emblem Fates (If) Cinematics Fandub

The project "Fire Emblem Fates Cinematics Fandub" will be a full fandub of any and all 3D cutscenes from, as you might expect, Fire Emblem Fates. 

As you'd expect from a fandub that spans across the cinematics of all three games, there will be spoilers. So, if you have not yet played through the game and don't wish to be spoiled, I would suggest not auditioning for this project. If you've played the game or don't care about being spoiled, knock yourself out! 

- About the Project  -

This project will be edited by 3 different people, including CCC users Farrenhyte, Vulpes, and myself. Because of the abundance of editing talent available, videos should be able to be released relatively quickly!

There will be a total of 4-7 videos in this series. The first video will be chapters 1-6, and then after that each of the respective editors will begin shipping out lines as well as editing their portion of the game. 

While not extremely time consuming, each story still contains roughly 6 to 7 minutes of footage, which may lead to the stories being cut into two separate parts due to ease of editing as well as line turn-ins. However, this is still undecided.

- Auditioning Do's and Don't's - 

Audio Quality
While it is not necessary to have an amazing mic for this series, especially after we apply compressors to the track, some things that we will be unable to fix include, but are not limited to: popping of the microphone, excessive background noise, peaks, severely low audio levels, and extremely low microphone quality!

Introductions & Line Repitition
By no means is it required that those who audition do either of these, we would greatly appreciate it if. at the beginning of your audition, you would introduce yourself as well as have multiple takes of the same line. Introductions can be anything from why you're interested in the project, who you are as a voice actor, or just something unique about you! As for the lines themselves, it is recommended that the line have multiple takes, with different inflections for each line, or with a different voice (if you believe that a different voice of yours to be fitting of a character)!

- Other Requirements For This Project - 

It is important for anyone who is cast to be available on discord, specifically through direct messages. I don't believe that it will be necessary to create a server specifically for a series that will be so short lived, but I still expect that everyone auditions to have a discord that I. and the other directors of this project, can send lines to. Additionally, it will help in personal (not necessarily live) directing, as well as assigning deadlines as per each director. 

While I and the other directors of this project will ultimately decide the roles, we will not self cast based solely upon what we want. That means that community opinions, in both the form of upvotes and comments, are weighted heavily in our decision. That being said, if we are to audition for our own project, we will rely on the aforementioned means of feedback to help make our decisions.

Lastly, have fun!


If there are any inquiries regarding this project, please private message either Farrenhyte, Vulpes, or myself, and we will do our best to respond to you in a timely manner.

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold