ダンジョン飯 / Delicious in Dungeon – Manga Dub

Project Overview


This part two of the casting call is for some quick and (hopefully!) fun comic dubs shorts for the series Delicious in Dungeon / Dungeon Meshi by Ryoko Kui. This is a hilarious series that I have loved for years, and while the manga has gotten an official English translation, there are not currently any plans to make it into an anime. I am having fun with the current team to bring the series' best moments to life through fan dub shorts–  we would love to have you join us!

If you aren't familiar with DiD, here is a brief promo video they made as a marketing accompaniment to one of the recent manga volumes.

Please note that this project is active and a few videos have already been released– you can view them here:

--> How to Eat a Suit of Armor

--> Mandrake & Basilisk Omelette 

--> Hair Care in a Dungeon


Audition Requirements:

– Decent audio quality

– No background noise


Communication will be through Discord and/or email, so please be sure to be comfortable using at least one of these.


While this is purely a passion project that will not make any profit, as a fellow voice actor I really appreciate those willing to help! Those cast are very welcome to use the video shorts created in their VA Portfolios and additionally I will be happy to write a review for you here on CCC (or on your website/other).


This is a fan project– Delicious in Dungeon is owned by Ryoko Kui. Should we be asked by the owning authority to take down this content, the project will respectfully come to a halt. 


A note that this series has a HUGE amount of characters but in order to keep production moving quickly, this casting call is only for the additional roles needed for the next few videos– more roles may be needed further down the line. So if you don't see a character you're interested in this round, please feel free to check back later :)

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out. 

Thanks for taking a look at the project!

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Latest Updates

  • Casting Announcement Coming Soon!

    Thank you so much to everyone who sent in their audition(s) for the second round of characters! I really enjoy hearing everyone's talents, there were some amazing auditions sent in! The casting call will officially close today. I will be reviewing auditions once again and I will plan to have a casting decision for named characters made within the next two days. --> IF YOU AUDITIONED FOR A NAMED CHARACTER: Cast actors will receive an announcement through CCC, will be mentioned on Twitter, and will receive an invite to the DiD Discord server where scripts and additional project information can be found. --> IF YOU AUDITIONED FOR THE ROLE OF 'MISC EXTRAS': Please know that Extras will be reached out to and added to the project on an as-needed basis over the course of production. All auditions sent in for Extras will be considered for roles going forward. Once again, there were some truly amazing voices on display that I feel would suit characters in the series who weren't listed by name in this round of auditions. Although there may be another round of auditions in the future, please consider auditioning as an Extra if you would like to be considered for other misc roles. That means that if you are not cast immediately/in this round, it does NOT mean I don't think your voice is a good fit for the project! Everyone is very welcome to submit for Extras here or additional characters in any future auditions. ------------------------------------------------------------- Once again, thank you so much for taking the time to submit an audition (or two or three)! I am really excited to begin working with some of you to bring this project to life. Cheers, Anna Pisarka
Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Falin Touden
Role assigned to: faketsuki

Perhaps the most beloved character in the series, it was Falin's death and lack of resurrection that caused the group to delve further than anyone else into the dungeon to reclaim her body and soul. As a human healer and Laios' younger sister, Falin is a sweet and loving girl who enchants the hearts of all those around her. However, through dark magic and the corrupting nature of the dungeon, things go wrong- the Falin the group knew and loved has changed: she is now a half-human and half-dragon monstrosity. 

Voice: Young adult female voice. Falin poses an exciting challenge- as a human, she is gentle and sweet. As a chimera, she is a ferocious and blood-thirsty monster. I don't have a preference for voice or tone or accent, so feel free to give your best personal interpretation of Falin.

  • Laois tells his younger sister Falin that they've had to resort to eating monsters to survive in the dungeon.

    {human Falin}[excited, thrilled] "Incredible! That's amazing! Wonderful! Marvelous! What kind of monsters did you eat? H-How did you eat them!?"

  • The group cooks something for Falin after her resurrection.

    {human Falin}[eating something delicious] "Ahhh-mph!" *eating, chewing noises* "It's delicious!"

    "It feels like I haven't had a good meal in a long time"

  • Falin as a monster: half-human and half-dragon.

    {dragon Falin}[angry, in a fight] *growls, snarls, roars*

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Role assigned to: Umi

Izutsumi is a cat girl who was originally a human but has been cursed to be a beastskin (a human merged with an animal soul). She joined Laios' party in hopes that somewhere in the deeper parts of the dungeon she can find a cure for her curse. At times she seems cold and distant from the rest of the party, but she has a good heart and often comes to the rescue of the group when they need it most. She is not used to kindness and often freezes and goes tsundere when others are nice to her.

Voice: Young adult female voice. Izutsumi is a bit tsundere at times and is literally part cat, so feel free to play around with how that manifests in her voice. I don't have a preference for tone or accent, so feel free to give your best personal interpretation.

  • Izutsumi is holding Marcille captive, threatening the group to help her remove her curse when they first meet.

    [slightly coy and playful, despite the danger of the situation] "Who can say? But I think that you'd better hurry. You don't want to die with me, do you?"

    "I'll let you go if you dispel it. But don't make any funny moves! I can kill you whenever I want"

  • Izutsumi somewhat reluctantly agrees to stay with the group.

    [hesitant, slightly weirded out] "Don't tell me... You're trying to recruit me into your group, are you?"

    "That's just a nickname. My real name is Izutsumi. Make sure ya remember it."

  • Miscellaneous noises.

    *purrs, growls, etc*

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Role assigned to: Mroy03

Kabru is a handsome, extremely cunning adventurer who is the leader of his own party. His group intersects with Laios' group several times throughout the story and Kabru slowly becomes more aware of the deeper and darker things going on within the dungeon. Although he acts polite and gentlemanly and is a good leader to his group, this pleasant facade hides an extremely analytical and sharp mind underneath. In many ways, Kabru is a character foil to Laios. 

Voice: Young adult male voice. I don't have a preference for voice or tone or accent, so feel free to give your best personal interpretation of Kabru.

  • Laios cheerfully offers some food to Kabru, telling him it is made from eggs of monsters in the dungeon. Kabru is horrified but doesn't want to drop his polite face in front of Laios.

    [in his mind, horrified and adamant] "There's absolutely no chance I'm eating that!!!"

    [in his mind, struggling] "What do I do? How do I get through this? No, no there's no choice... I have to kill him right now. K... Kill... him... No! I can't do that right now!"

  • The others are struggling to fight Falin, who has been turned into a monster. Kabru tries to bring them to their senses so they don't all die.

    [frustrated, aggressive] "This has gone far enough! Does it not matter to you how many people have to be sacrificed... in order to protect the person you care about?"

    "That's not her- It's just a monster!"

  • Kabru gets frustrated while someone is telling him their backstory.

    [angry, frustrated] "There's too many damn characters in your story! I noted them down because I like doing that but... most people would definitely lose interest at this point in the story!"

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Role assigned to: Sophie Gainor

Leed is a female orc chieftain who has her own group of orcs lower in the dungeon. She is the sister of an orc Senshi is friends with, and reluctantly offers to help to the group due to her brother's friendship with Senshi. Like most orcs, she dislikes and is untrusting of other races coming into the dungeon. She is a fierce fighter and loathes anyone she believes is a coward. 

Very minor role.

Voice: Female orc voice. I don't have a preference for voice or tone or accent, so feel free to give your best personal interpretation.

  • Explaining about the sorcerer in the deeper levels of the dungeon.

    [explanatory] "The sorcerer employs several monsters as servants. Killing one of them is a good way to plant a target on your back."

  • Leed shuts down Chilchuck's request.

    [angry, disgusted] "I refuse. The rotten stench of your cowardice might rub onto me."

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Role assigned to: Green Onion

Laios' group is ambushed by a shapeshifter who confuses the group with illusions. After solving out who is fake and who is real, Laios confronts the shapeshifter who reveals its true form- a multi-taled fox-like monster.

Very minor role.

This role does not speak, so bring out your best animal noises and go wild!

  • Shapeshifter is attacking a group of adventurers.

    *Growls, snarls, barks, etc.*

  • The shapeshifter has been knocked down.

    *Whimper noises*

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Misc Extras

There are numerous small characters encountered throughout the dungeons- fellow adventurers, monsters, local creatures such as orcs, etc. Please feel free to audition here if you'd like to be considered for any small roles that come up! 

THIS ROLE WILL REMAIN OPEN- all auditions here will be considered for roles and Extras will be added as needed over the course of production

  • For adventurers and misc dungeon-folk:

    "Hey! What are you doing- you can't go down there!"

    "Welcome to the underground tavern- come on inside."

  • For monsters, kobolds, harpies, and other beasts:

    *Growls, snarls, barking, roars, etc*

  • For other:

    Feel free to say a line or two of your creation! You'll be considered for any relevant extra roles.


Public Submissions

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