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Charles Collings

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About Charles Collings

New York-based VA, 19. Non-union talent, freelance.

Hey there, all! It’s Charles Collings, known in online spaces as NovaCharles. I’m an Italian-American voice actor based in the good old Big Apple, working my way up to a hard-fought legacy, one role at a time! I’ve had a passion for expression and performance since the golden years… childhood. But I could never quite seize that chance, so this was my alternative!

Whenever I’m not doing voiceover, you can usually find me ranting about anime online, ranting about video games online (mostly Sonic, I’m not sorry.), sometimes drawing, sometimes writing, and SOMETIMES martial arts. I’m here to create, inspire, flourish, and most of all, WORK. So just give me your time and let’s create something legendary!

Twitter / X: @NovaCharlesVa

Discord: novacharlesva

  • @wesewesew

    NovaCharles is a relatively new voice actor, and from what I've seen so far--has a lot of potential! With incredible range and a dedicated mindset, NovaCharles is an actor you don't want to miss out on!

  • @pisarkanna

    Nova was cast as an Extra in the project I am directing and has completely blown me away with his talent! He has an incredible range of voice and his acting skills are evident in every line delivered. Additionally, he has a rare knack for mastering loud, yelling, and other tricky lines- they seem to pose no problem for this talented actor! If you are considering casting Nova for your project, please know that he comes highly recommended! 

  • @kgbepis

    Having worked with Nova for almost 3 years now, I can say with confidence that Nova's top notch. It's clear how much passion he puts into whatever I send him, and whether voicing something original or the Prince of Saiyans in my case, he gives it his all. It's been a blast working with you bud, here's to doing some more!