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Faux Synder

Bringing voices with Character! Learn more about me at FauxyVO.carrd.co!

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About Faux Synder

Hi there! I go by "Faux Synder" and I'm a Voice over artist that has
been acting in the industry semi-professionally for over six years. I
got my start on youtube with  fan compilations and webcomics and have
since acted in several animations, indie video games, audiobooks and

I'm a dedicated and motivated individual who has is known for bringing
emotion and life to their character's voice. 

My voice ranges from young,
spirited girl to mature, loving mother, or sometimes even sinister,
villainous witch.

My strength lies in discerning emotion from words, but I welcome all
feedback and am more than happy to provide a variety of takes to bring
client's character or copy to life. I have a strong, warm tone with a
narrative feel, especially suitable for children's literature that
require precise diction or pronunciation. 

I am free most evenings, so I can turn-over most copy within 24 hours,
submitting in a variety of formats with the program I use (Fruity Loops 10). I am capable of minor editing and normalization as well as reverb or
sythn additions to save on time or additional hiring of an audio
editor. Most of my files I either transfer directly or utilize Dropox in
order to submit larger file formats. 

Feel free to me directly on my
Discord at Faux#5095 or Casting Call Club for inquiries or collaborations. Prices are
negotiable and I typically work on a per word basis but will accept
royalties and lump-sums.

I look forward to working with you! 

Find out more about me and my previous roles on my website at https://FauxyVO.carrd.co or shoot me an email at FauxyVO @ gmail.com


I typically work at .40 per word, with $3 per line-but it's negotiable depending on the length of the project and if editing is desired before delivering the work!

What Faux Synder is looking for

I'm fine with a variety of projects-be it extended or just a one-time creative endeavor. I've worked on one project for over 5 years that I'm still providing lines for, so feel free to DM me with details!

  • @voicecast-freeman

    Finding someone to play an older female character on CCC is often quite the challenge. Faux is such a fortunate find – in a world of teenage voices, she brings grace and gravitas to these kinds of roles in a way that feels so sincere and from the heart. As the nurturing “mama bear” Brittany Scarlett in my Valkyria Chronicles 4 Squad Stories Fandub Project, her wisdom and nurturing attitude bring the emotional depth of Episode 2 (“All the Single Ladies”) to new heights. An absolute pleasure to work with.

  • @Kakigori

    Faux is an absolute delight to work with! The lines were submitted in advance to the deadline and with some good feedback for script formatting. Faux submitted the lines in the correct formatting and was open to some retakes as well for extra lines to work with. A true professional.