I'll be the goofball you need.

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About BManTheGoofBall

I'm a shiny new voice actor from Canada. I may be a goofball, but to that I say I will be the goofball you need. Looking for a youthful voice? A maniacal creep? Or a deep, rich voice for narration perhaps? Maybe even that gratingly annoying voice that you love to hate, perhaps. I got you covered.

On The Mic Training - 2021

Foundations of Voice-over

Instructed by Helen King

A wonderful course on the fundamentals of voice-acting covering commercials, narration, and cartoons. Would highly recommend taking this course.


I am willing to negotiate rates if the project allows for it, or I am happy to work the project's payment as listed. This being said, I will not accept or audition for paid work with a <$10 rate from summer 2022 onward. 

What BManTheGoofBall is looking for

I'm looking for any project that looks fun to do and tells an interesting story. Whether it's a fan dub, abridged works, or an entirely original animated project, I'm game for it and willing to commit to it. I however will not be interested or will accept any parts in Gacha roles.

  • @ross-k

    Braden provided both the voice of a narrator and a supporting character in my machinima series, Ganbare Goemon vs. The Peach Mountain Shoguns. His files were of a high clean quality, and he totally got what I was looking for with each role. Perfect on both counts. He is a hugely talented, and versatile, professional. Very highly recommended.

  • @blxssomva

    BTheGoofBall had great characterisation for Death Of A Popstar and engaged with other voice actors in our project! It was lovely having him on the team and bringing positivity and a bunch energy! He was always open to playing different characters and did a great job doing so! His voice is incredible and he's a very talented VA.

  • @end-thus-i-am

    Not only did he bring a fantastic impression of Palpatine to my machinima, but he brought the character to life that you could practically taste the slime the sith lord brings to the table! Along with other roles I have asked him to play where he has just the right energy for the role!

  • @jacktropolis

    I first received work from BManTheGoofBall after he auditioned for, and was subsequently cast as, the role of Alpheus Williams in GETTYSBURG: A Civil War Battle Documentary, a history-related project currently in development. BMan submitted a fantastic audition reel for Alpheus Williams, having taken the short summary snippet for said role into full account while dubbing over the corresponding quotation. He most certainly has a talent for voice acting, and his casting as Alpheus Williams for this documentary clearly represents that! Not only that, but man was also a very active and supportive member of the GETTYSBURG cast and crew; He and I were in constant contact to make sure that everything was coming along nicely, and he was always willing to provide assistance. It was a pleasure to have BMan on board during the development of this documentary! If you are looking for a talented voice actor as well as a supportive and patient member of your team, BManTheGoofBall is your guy!

  • @lord-krit

    Very passionate and always the first to deliver lines. Very efficient in his work, delivering multiple takes and always quick to deliver retakes. Would highly recommend him for your project!

  • @aspiringsinger15

    There are not enough words in the English language for me to express how much I recommend BManTheGoofBall as a voice actor.  He was the villain in my project and his performance exceeded all of my expectations for the character.  He followed all of my instructions and directions perfectly and truly gave 110% to the role!  And not only is he an amazing actor, but he is also a very pleasant and humorous person to communicate with!

  • @spacewiz217

    BMan is a fantastic voice actor! Such a joy to work with, always on time and very passionate. Bman is definitely someone you want to work with! 

  • @katabelle

    Bman and have acted in 6+ projects together! Cheers to many more. I am so lucky to have worked with Bman!! He is so talented, from a range of different characters to peak narration :) -Kata

  • @quackingproductionco

    Braden was an excellent fit for the role I required. He was fast to respond with lines and happy to rerecord ones from his audition in a variety of tones for me to choose from. His microphone quality is fantastic, and he had a really friendly manner in messages. Thank you! 

  • @dominion-of-death

    Did a fantastic job as a narrator for our series.  Was quick to get the job done and performed exactly right for the role.  Would gladly work together on future projects together!

  • @deleted673127

    Dear Project Managers 

    I am pleased to write a letter of recommendation for Bman. I highly recommend Bman to anyones future projects.

    I have known Bman for the past few weeks as they have taken on a voice acting role for one of my projects. I have had an opportunity to observe Bman participation and interaction in my project and they have been an outstanding Voice Actor in all respects for my project. 


    Bman has proven that through hard work, follow through, and team work, they can accomplish tasks in a courteous and timely manner.

    Bman is well equipped to grow from challenges that they are presented with. I strongly endorse making Bman a member of your project.


    Joseph Chew 

  • @smashmaster

    Braden is a phenomenal actor. After casting him as an extra for my Final Fantasy Versus XIII fan game, Cipher Overhaul and MegaManX for my Final Fantasy Sonic X Remake Villains' Visions audiodrama, he gave phenomenal performances from a Mark Hamill Joker type character to a hero type character. Awesome guy to work with and hopefully we can continue to work together in future projects! 

  • @teras-outis

    Great communication, quick turn around, high audio quality and provided multiple takes, pure pleasure to work with.

  • @erinishere

    His voice acting was just what I needed for my project. It was very obvious he knew what he was doing and was ready to adapt his skills to fulfill the role I needed from him. Would hire again in a heartbeat. 

  • @daksdoesstuff

    BMan is the goofball YOU need for your project. I recommend him!

  • @ducky-productions

    Braden recorded lines for my Machinima. He did a great Radio Presenter voice which suited what I needed perfectly!

  • @Matthew_Lee

    Bman played a role on an animation of mine. They were the first to get their lines sent and did very good work. Clean and full of character.

  • @starrytchi

    BMan plays the role of Ryan Astor in my project entitled Locker 79. He does an excellent job with the acting and delivery of the voice! He’s also a very friendly person to work with. You should definitely cast him, he’s clearly very talented!

  • @JohnnyAzeroth

    Every time I have gotten to work with Braden, he's been delightful to work with. Not only is he incredibly professional and dedicated while on the job, he's also a great friend of mine, always a good person to be around. Braden is the goofball you need!