Just your friendly neighborhood Mercenary who RPs into a mic for fun.

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About MercBandit

Hi. My name is MercBandit, or just call me Merc, and I'm an aspiring writer and voice actor! Yes,  I have thrown myself into two incredibly competitive fields of the Arts to try and find some modicum of success. 

So yeah that's me. I'll be up for (Almost) anything when it comes to projects to random NPCs in an RPG or background noise of people talking. Just message me I'll send over my work.  

So thank you for checking out this amateur individual's bio, and I hope you have a lovely day. 

Projects Currently In:

Office Layouts (Garry's Mod Machinima)- Mr. Wardell.

Lupus Ex Machina By Frictionie Studios (Video Game)- Police Officers.

Star Wars: Life and Death on the RIm (Audio Drama)- Tord/Extras.

Frames (Sims 4 Machinima)- Officer Chen

One Piece Manga Dud (Fandub)- Extras.

Outpost Zeta (Halo Machinima)- Erickson

The Runaway 8 (Garry's Mod Machinima)- The Reporter 

GlodenComet Productions (Youtube Comic Dub Channel)- Extras 

Voices of Wynn (Minecraft MMORPG)- NPCs

The Crown and The Flame Dub (Video Game Fandub)- Hector Nevrakis/Extras

Falcus Comic Dub  (Youtube Comic Dub Channel)- Extras 

Canceled Works:

The Order of The Stick (Fandub)- Humoid Extras/Blackwing the Familiar.



What MercBandit is looking for

The projects I work on are indie video games, mods for existing games, fandubs, audio dramas, machinimas, and I'm also a part of some fandub channels on youtube. I do SFW Projects only. 

  • @hc-ogden

    Just received voice work from MercBandit and WOW!! His range is incredible to me. He did so well at three separate auditions with widely ranging characters to depict. Very impressed.

    Also, just an obvious plus: audio quality was spectacular

    I'd suggest taking a look at MercBandit SERIOUSLY for your project, whatever it may be.

    H.C. OGDEN

  • @kiirby-mariee

    MercBandit voiced a minor character Hector Nevrakis and also did extra voices. While he's not the fastest at the delivering when he delivers... he definitely delivers! His performance with all these characters are so well done and his audio is clear and clean. I highly recommend him!