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Othellothe Cat's Previously Completed Works

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About Danganronpa Fan Project: New Notations


Hello! I'm currently writing a fan game based on Danganronpa with an original cast of students, and I need some help! The prologue in its entirety is already written, however I'll still need hand with a few other parts, especially voice acting. There are currently 18 speaking roles available for voice actors in addition to the other technical and creative roles.

Quick Plot: 

You are Riku Shujinko, a new University Student at Memorial Stories University! The university promises that all of its graduates will be remembered forever, and stories about them will be passed down for generations. They take anyone who is the best in their field, and they will do whatever they can to help hone those talents to the utmost peak they can be. However... when you wake up suddenly in a mysterious machine, only to exit to find the school abandoned save for 15 other unknown Ultimates, you soon learn the sinister nature of your time at Memorial Stories...

It certainly won't be a story that you'll forget.

Link to Written Prologue:


Looking for:

Voice Actors! People who are at least familiar with the Danganronpa series and would be willing to record voice lines for the students (and the Mono-units) would be preferred. For now, as only the prologue is finished, voice lines should be at minimum a few minutes or at maximum about half an hour's worth. I'll happily accept double-ups in roles if you show enthusiasm and feel like the perfect fit! (Preferred 16+, as the characters will all be young adults.)

Sprite Artists! While I have created a base reference for each character, I will need a hand with sprite work in order to match the dialogue more accurately than having a static image with a slightly changing face. I will be more than happy to assist any applicants in this area, but please know that my primary focus will be on the writing.

Background Artists! Something that I have no experience in, I need a hand in drawing the more painting-like backgrounds and screens that are often used in cutscenes and interactions with characters in the Danganronpa games. Someone who is good with lighting would be preferred.

Musicians! It wouldn't be a Danganronpa game without a killer soundtrack, so I need people who are willing to make music as well! In addition, each character has an associated instrument, as there is a minor theme of music throughout the game, so either a versatility with the instruments or software that can make midi files of various different instruments would be ideal.

Coders! As this is primarily a visual novel, I will need someone with experience in coding things like that. However, the mini game portion is just as important to the game as the story, so being able to code games similar to the Non-Stop Debate, Hangman's Gambit, and Rebuttal Showdown is essential.


Again, I'd prefer applicants to be 16+, due to the adult themes.

In addition, voice actors should have at least a decent microphone with no background noise. As long as your voice can be heard clearly and thoroughly (no bumblebee buzzing), I will accept any quality microphone.

This will be primarily discussed on a Discord server, which you will get an invite to should you be accepted into the project. Applicants should have a Discord, and be relatively active should they get a character that's significantly important to the story.

Thank you for showing interest! I hope you all have a great day!

About the Creator: OthellotheCat

I'm an aspiring game writer with a lot of experience writing! While I've never made a video game before, I have made a physical board game, and I've been writing on the SCP Wiki for several years! I've recently become a fan of the Danganronpa series, and I'm really looking forward to creating a game collaboratively!

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold