Not to be a shill or anything but... (I am not funny)

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Hi! My name is Sky!

I'm a writer/voice actor out of Atlanta, Georgia. I've worked on numerous projects in the past as a writer. My writing abilities help me be more in touch with the characters I act out. While I am fairly new to voice acting, I do have some stage training. As a project owner myself, I hope to do justice to other people's vision for characters and such.

If you need any help writing for a fan project or anything, message me!

Discord tag: SHILL733#9941
Instagram tag: shill733
Twitter tag: theSHILL733

  • @etharax

    Hill is amazing, he's got a good mic and a great voice for voice acting and overall it's super fun to interact and hang out with him because of his cool and kind nature. His writing is fantastic and he thinks deeply about all the aspects of a character or plot line that he's working on, if you see Hill on one of your projects get him in because it'll make the experience you have so much better. He is so active you'll be able to get what you need from him in good time and he can monitor so much going on! I don't know how he does it but if you need a Voice Actor or Writer, you want Hill.

  • @ellisbertrell

    I'd recommend Sky to anyone. He's a joy to work with, and I feel like he really cares about the projects we've worked on together. He's extremely professional, organized, and has a great sense of humor.