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About Professional Mr Phann

Newbie VA. Looking for new opportunities and some practice. I've been cast for a couple of indie games and fandubs. I also run a game review channel, with... slow uploads because I... over edit.

About my voice:
- My regular speaking voice is somewhat deep; if I enunciate properly, I believe I can do both a decent radio-style/a decently authoritative and commanding voice.

- I can make my pitch go lower, which I can use to voice older characters. If I go further, I can kinda do a guttural Dr. Claw type voice.

- I can also make my pitch go higher at varying degrees for younger characters like generic anime protagonists. It helps with the timid ones too.

-  I can make my voice decently gravelly, which I can apply to my normal/lower pitch (for "tougher" characters), and my higher pitch (young edgelords).

- I think I'm decent at conveying emotions like sadness, anger, and fear.

- My biggest asset is that, unlike most other amateurs, I'm not afraid to project! I can even scream bloody murder if you need me to :D I love chewing the scenery.


Discord: Professional Mr. Phann#6085

    • @kebbyva

      This dude is a legitimately great voice actor, while also being quite a fun guy outside of voice work. Cast him for stuff, pay him if you can. Please.