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Navarhi Kat's Previously Completed Works

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About Danganronpa Fate Flawed


This is a Danganronpa fan project in need of voice actors, if you are willing to work for free, please audition. We are just doing this for fun. We are accepting until all roles have been decided, so please be patient. Danganronpa Fate Flawed is in its beta/alpha stages we are still getting everything set up for the internet to view. This will be posted as a fake game, which means it will be produced as if it were a game even though it isn’t. If you get chosen, great! If not, no hard feelings at all! 

As the only producer and artist, this might take longer than expected, postponing the project is normal, it normally means that some of the characters are not fully developed, the designs are. Most of them are. I have highy hopes for this project. Developing characters for me to make them diverse is a lengthy process. 


If you can't audition over here, you may send the audition via email (PM me for email), or discord at -Hinaut-#1617

If you are casted, you may go to this link, send me a private message or email me. You must tell me what role was casted to you.

Discord: https://discord.gg/cqP5S5n

Summary of the Games Story

Across Asia, a selection of 22 high school graduates as well as one exception have selected to attend a party at a mansion. The mansion will have a variety of entertainment, drinks, music, bedrooms, food, and more. Sung-Mi Kim, the lead singer of a Korean rock band, was touring. As she was approaching her hotel room, she had a note attached to her door. It was an invitation to said party. She silently obligated to herself and when. The next morning, however, she wasn't back at her hotel. She was stuck in the house, with no escape, the windows were boarded shut and the door as well. The rest of the graduates sat on the couch, staring her down. They've tried as well. Now they had nowhere to go. A purple rabbit approaches them. It introduces itself as Kikeno. All of them are confused of it's antics. Kikeno then announces why they are stuck. A reality show, based based on killing people for fame and fortune. The kids are startled, doubting the rabbit. But, they're given they're motives to kill. Thus, the game has begun.

About the Creator: NavarhiKat

Hey, I’m Alex! I have been practicing voice acting since I was 10. Yes I am an amateur, I have been practicing art ever since I can remember, I am better off with anime then any realism but I like to stick with my interpretation of the danganronpa art style. Sadly I am not qualified to pay anyone so if your willing to work for free that would be fantastic, I also work for free. My demo reel won’t be up just yet, I am looking for a good microphone that can replace my broken one. 


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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold