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My name is Andy and I am an aspiring Voice Actor and Audio Engineer based in Melbourne, Australia. I fell in love with voice acting when I had the lightbulb-moment realization that voice acting was a thing. That every character in video games and animations were brought to life by the people you don't see behind the voices. I've always been a fan of acting, but I find that voice acting is incredibly therapeutic and less constraining - it doesn't matter how tall you are, or what you look like, just what you can do with your voice. 

You can reach me at -

Discord - Grigmac Greenwaller #6775

  • @deleted309537

    Andy is one of the most reliable people I know, is extremely talented at voice acting and audio editing, and a cool guy to talk with in general. It’s been incredible to work with someone like him so far. If you end up casting Andy, you won’t regret it!

  • @saviohno

    Andy is without a doubt, the most talented voice actor I've worked with (Besides myself). His voice acting skills are on a professional level, his voice is fantastic and he never fails to impress me in his auditions. Whenever Andy auditions for a role, you already know he's cast! Besides taking roles like me taking free samples in the supermarket, he's also a great guy to work with! What more can you ask for? If you want your project to succeed, Andy is the special ingredient you need. Most of all, Andy is a more than just a formidable rival, he's my friend. I look forward to hearing his voice in all my favorite video games and animations in the near future!

  • @lostghostgal

    I have worked/ are working with Andy on several projects. He is an incredible voice actor that really brings out the best in the characters that he voices. He excels at most male voices that I've seen him use. He's an incredibly kind person and an absolute pleasure to work with. If you're on the fence on whether or not to include him in your project I implore you to include him.

  • @donnel

    He was realy good he did the voice tree times differently and was realy professional

  • @whatcaniuseasausername

    As a fellow VA, it's been an honor to work with Andy in the many projects we're in together. Andy is an amazing VA, he excels in every voice he does and is an overall amazing person. He is someone you want on your team!

  • @applre

    This man is an absolute genius. The voice acting he does is superb, and I can tell he always puts effort into every audition he makes. He's not only one of the nicest guys ever, but just an amazing person in general. Everyone appreciates the support and kindness Andy gives. Keep progressing onward through your voice acting journey!

  • @deleted311712

    Absolute angel to work with. Extremely talented VA who genuinely enjoys what he does and is amazing at it. Got in his work really fast, like, alarmingly fast, Andy, do you sleep? Even outside of VAing, he's very active within the group and is so polite to other members and cares so much for the people he works alongside with. Definitely would recommend working with this guy at least once.

  • @lunafreya

    Andy is one of the kindest people I've met on CCC and have had the pleasure of working with. I have both worked alongside him and he has been a part of one of my projects. He delivers his recordings long before the deadline and they are top quality. The expression and energy in his voice is unrivaled and I can't wait to work with him again! Not only is he a great voice actor, but he's a wonderful friend to chat with. You should definitely cast him in your project!

  • @will_w

    Works well with other's, talented voiced actor and always open to give and receive feedback.

  • @silverglimse

    He was realy good he did the voice tree times differently and was realy professional!

  • @cailiosa

    Andy not only possesses exemplary kindness, but he also demonstrates professionalism and maturity. The quality of his recordings is remarkable, as is his acting. I am extremely fortunate to work with Andy on several projects! Oh, and you have to listen to his performance of Leon Kuwata at all costs! In short, I highly recommend it!