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Dapuffster's Previously Completed Works

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    About Champions of The Melting Pot (Webcomic Dub)


    Hello! My name is Dapuffster and I am the creator of the webcomic "Champions of The Melting Pot". This is a comic that has been in the works for over 2 years, with about 400 pages created at the time of writing. It is updated on my website www.alexoshrin.com 3 days a week, every Sun/Tues/Fri. It can also be found on Webtoons, Smackjeeves, and Tapas

    After working on the webcomic for so long, I want to take the next step and dub it so that I can expose it to my youtube channel, which currently has about 23,000 subscribers. There will be a video for each chapter in the comic, as well as future chapters that have not been made yet. On top of that, your voices may be needed for other videos such as advertisements and other fun things. In the future, the series may even become a video game. In short, this project has been going on for a very long time without once ever taking a hiatus. Hopefully I'll be able to find a team of voice actors here that can help take my webcomic series to even greater heights.

    EDIT: I'm actually super impressed with all the auditions I've gotten so far! That's why I've decided to make Xero, Jack, Sierra, Celeborn, and Amarath paying roles! The more lines they have in the webcomic, the more I'm paying out. Hence why Xero/Jack are $15, and Amaranth/Celeborn are $5. This'll mostly just be a one time payment after the first youtube video is put out! If the series gets popular and I start making a lot of money from it, I will pay you all more.

    I will also be taking the time to comment/critique on each and every audition if I can. I'll let you know if it's good or if there is possibly any improvements you could make! When we start to get close to the deadline (a month from now), I'll be picking out what I think is the best. Regardless, I want to thank you all so much in advance for auditioning!


    A parody on fighting games, the main character "Xero" is a cliche default anime looking protagonist who is about to graduate high school and move onto college. The problem is however is that he needs to get a summer job in order to go to  college. Xero stumbles across a rather strange place called the "IGSF" (InterGalactic Space Fighter) and decides to take the job. Somehow now he has found himself on a whole new planet with all sorts of weird characters who are all taking part in a fighting game tournament as their job to entertain others (much like how the WWE works). Xero quickly finds out however, that he is lame and absolutely sucks at fighting and that this may cause him to lose his new job which would most certainly be able to help him pay for college... and more. The series itself is mixed with comedy and action.


    • Mic Quality: I feel like this is self-explanatory at this point, it's 2018. Have a good enough mic that your voice sounds clean and there are no other sounds in your recordings.
    • Lines Delivered: While I'm not too big on delivering on time, it will be greatly appreciated if you are able to give in lines when requested to.
    • Discord: A discord for the webcomic will be created soon, we will be using this as a way to communicate, have fun, send in lines and evaluate the script. You will also be able to interact with any fans that may join the discord as well. I would highly prefer you be able to communicate with me on here, but it is not required.
      Edit: Discord is now created! Feel free to join (even if you haven't auditioned yet!) and you will be given a Voice-Actor role! https://discord.gg/KgqN2Ze (This link should never expire, idk why it wasn't fix the first time but it should be now! Sorry about that!)
    • Emotions: You have to be able to emote, whether it's being angry or crying, you need to keep these going unless you're told in the scrip to change it or your character is literally monotone like Celeborn.
    • View the pages before recording: Not really a requirement but rather some advice. I think you'll be able to figure out how to voice the line as best as you can if you take a moment to look at how the character is expressing themselves in the page that they are speaking.

    Extra information

    It would be super great if you could take a moment to read through the webcomic yourself and get an even better idea of what the characters are like. All the words they say in the comic WILL be used in the dub, so you already know what or how much you'll have to be saying if you are ever casted as the character. Some characters will be appearing far sooner than others. Characters like Xero, Jack, and Mr. Cooper will be needed immediately, where as characters like Amaranth or The Rat won't be needed till later. Feel free to audition for as many characters as you'd like, just note that you will probably only get chosen for one character in the end. However, there are a few more background characters I had not listed here which I will most likely use any accepted voice actor for. So keep that in mind. I should also mention that I will probably attempt to monetize the dub on youtube, I don't expect to make much at the moment so I can't really say that you'll get a cut of it right now.

    Finally, make sure that you have fun with this all and if there is anything wrong, please feel free to talk to me, I won't bite.

    I wish you all good luck in the auditioning, and feel free to ask me any questions if you have any!

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold