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About Casting Lead/Supporting Characters | KHR! MangaDUB



Tsunayoshi Sawada is a 14 year old middle school student with a reputation of being ‘Loser Tsuna’. His grades are embarrassingly low, his athleticism is nonexistent, and his confidence is so low that he’s intimidated by a chihuahua. His ordinary life is suddenly upended when a baby named Reborn arrives claiming himself to be a hitman and his new home tutor. Tsuna is the chosen 10th boss of the largest mafia family in the world, the Vongola, and it’s Reborn’s job to a respectable and strong mafioso.


I've been wanting to do this project for a long time as Katekyoushi Hitman REBORN! is my all time favorite manga. However, while well known in Japan it doesn't seem to have much presence here in the west. Not many seem to know or at least have heard of it before. It had an anime that never got dubbed and while I'd like to dub it, it doesn't hold up due to animation and censorship and also ends before the last two arcs of the manga. For a while I've wanted KHR! to get more love, whether it be through a anime reboot similar to HunterxHunter or a continuation/sequel of the manga. Hopes were high when the author, Amano Akira's, most recent series elDLIVE was promoted with a video that included new animation for KHR! Unfortunately, since then there's been no more news about it. TL:DR I want give my favorite series the love I feel it deserves by producing an English dub of the manga!



1. XLR microphone preferred. Although, as long as your audio is clear and without background noise you’ll be considered.

2. Discord. If you’d prefer to stay in contact through other means once you’re cast, let me know.

3. 2-3 takes per line.

4. Do your best~!

Final Note

If you'd rather submit your audition through other means, you can email them to: khrdubs @ gmail.com
Label audition files as such: YourName_CharacterName.mp3/wav

About the Creator: DarkHasayo

I started pursuing voice acting in 2015. Voice acting is a passion I found out of pure curiosity when at a convention skimming through the schedule, stumbling upon an amateur voice acting competition and thinking, "This could be fun." I have always admired the work that goes into bringing a character to life through your voice alone and on a whim I discovered that I wanted to be apart of that. I hope to captivate others just as my favorite voices have captivated me~

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold