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[Robbie] Reverse Falls - Helvest (Visual Novel)

As Yuichi Izawa
As Amanojaku

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  • @zero-213

    The whole casting process was fun and professional. The notes from my takes were positive and helpful as well as timely. The finished product looked amazing and sounded fantastic. The entire cast was spot-on. Really a great time.

  • @mysterypup

    Sichopsysva is fantastic to work with. He will do the best of his ability, and time to the projects he works on/in. I just love his voice, and kindness. I know for sure I'll use him again in future projects. *Virtual hug has been sent* (\^_^/)
    If anyone asked me who'd I recommend for voice acting. It'll be him~!

  • @sword-of-swords

    Sichopsysva is one of the best vocal directors I've had the pleasure of working with. He is quick to provide helpful, comprehensive feedback, and his writing is witty. Besides that, he's a genuinely nice guy, and someone I would definitely work with again. Check out his Tales of Berseria Abridged series and his other works!!

  • @allen-the-ultimate-gamer

    Sicophy, a man of legend! He is one of the greatest individuals I've met in the voice acting community, he's really nice, is always there to give feedback when needed, he makes some really great content from his Zestiria and Berseria Abridged which are both really interesting and well written abridged series and you should really give them a look (though I'm not forcing you to). While I haven't had much experience with his directing I will say he has shown some real great vocal direction for the voice actors in his two tales abridged series and to me that's wonderful, he really cares about the voice over community and is willing to see the potential in all voice actors and guide them to greatness. He has also made several podcasts with some voice over talents about their experiences as voice actors and also at times gives some advice to voice actors and discusses other topics as well. This is a man who will always have a special place in my heart for his love for the voice over community and his inspiration and clever ideas that he brings to the table, keep up the wonderful work Sicophy and continue to be the beautiful man you are :)

  • @lexi-ly

    Sichopsyva is very talented director and voice actor and an absolute pleasure to work with. He is very professional and kind in his communication and feedback and the quality of the work produced was definitely something I am proud to have my name on! I look forward to working together again in the future.

  • @godknight

    Sichopsy is one of the nicest guys you'll EVER meet. He knows how to utilize his assets effectively, efficiently, and to the utmost of the producer echelon. He knows how to draw out the best in a person. A fantastic director with the ability to uplift, encourage, and well-direct the talent he works with. Outputting amazing productions as a result. I couldn't be more happier working with someone of his nature. I'd recommend his projects for any of those looking for extremely good quality, reliable, and sublime projects to work on.