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Prince Xss Game's Previously Completed Works

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    About Card Game - PrinceXss

    PrinceXss is an in-development card game series. There will be a physical version, for which certain voiced lines will be used in the demonstration/tutorial/promotional videos. Afterward, there will be a video game version with several voiced lines per character.

    The characters within this casting call do not make up the entirety of the game's cast. There will be additional CCs in the future as the game progresses through development.

    About the game:

    PrinceXss is a character-based card game developed with the idea of "a game anyone can understand and play" in mind. Offering multiple rulesets, players may tailor individual matches to their schedule and complexity preferences.

    Voice contents:

    The voiced lines are of differing lengths and generally fall into one of two categories: "gameplay sections" and "story sections". Gameplay lines are generally short and relate to combat, while story sections contain proper dialogue between the character and the player.

    Either section may contain the following: strong or mildly vulgar language (ie, swear words), mildly suggestive/sexual language, direct or indirect references to LGBT+ identities or preferences, direct or indirect references to physical violence and/or alcohol, and romantic/embarrassing language.

    Please do not submit an audition if you are uncomfortable with a single of those themes. Thank you.

    About recording lines:

    - We cannot accept audio files with audible buzzes, "fuzz", background noise, etc.

    - Although you're free to clean up your audio files before submitting them if you so wish, please do not modify the pitch or add any special effects.

    - If hired, your final recordings should be in .wav or a similar lossless format, with no more than three takes per line. Lines may be recorded altogether within a single file or split by section or individual line.

    - We reserve the right to request up to 2 retakes per line. 

    Terms and payment:

    - The selected voice actors will be required to sign a standard talent release form for the project and thus must be 18 years of age or older. 

    - We may hire certain voice actors to voice multiple characters. Don't be afraid to audition for multiple characters.

    - The minimum payment per character is $50, which accounts for 50 or fewer lines. An additional $5 will be added for increments of 5 or fewer lines. Ie, a character with 61 lines would be compensated $65.

    - Payment will be sent via PayPal and in USD upon completion of recording a character's lines. 

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold