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Jmarsingill's Previously Completed Works

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    About a Fairy Tail abridged project

    Hello! As fans of abridging and parodies, a friend and I had planned, many, many years ago, to start an abridged series of our own! It seemed rather difficult, and much procrastination had occurred through those years. We had no means or sources to get the job done back in those days! I had not even realized my love for voice-over at the time. However, the time had finally come for us to plant our feet and tackle the project we had wanted to start for so long: a Fairy Tail Abridged project!

    Oh, and by the way. I'm Josh! Don't you forget that name! (which wouldn't be difficult considering my recent discovery of how many voice talents share the same moniker... heh..) I am the co-creator and co-founder of this project. There were two specific series that the co-creators had always bonded over; one being Kingdom Hearts, which seemed highly difficult to virtually impossible for making a parody out of... so we settled with our next common interest! That's right, the salamander man himself, Natsu Dragneel, and his guildmates will be getting our graceful abridging treatment! We have no current plans of where we're wanting to go for this, but we definitely do not plan on stopping any time soon, so lets get some rules set up!!

    Auditioning and Quality: We may have ideas and personalities already set up for certain characters, but you are free to do your own take of a character if you feel it'll win us over, so make sure to give it your all in auditioning! If more time is needed for the auditions, or we just haven't found any one we'd like for the roles, the auditions will be extended or another project page will be created. We aren't expecting to be able to fill all roles within a month (but please do surprise us!) so do not expect a casting immediately. Also, it may benefit you to do 2-3 takes on each line in your audition.

    Your mic should be relatively quiet and clear. If you are able to do noise removals, to remove background noise, without any noticeable distortion to the recording, you should be fine. You will want to find a quiet place or a recording booth to record in. If you aren't equipped with professional equipment or booths, your best bet will be your closet! As long as your recording area doesn't send any reverb back to your mic! I'm not expecting professional level quality, but make sure you're at least trying! The best way to test this out is to yell or scream, or even clap, and listen out for any echo in your recording area.

    Availability: As stated earlier, there are no plans or ideas set for later arcs, but we are not planning on giving up on the series, so you should audition with the intent to commit to a long-term project. When its time to record for lines, we may or may not be lenient at times, letting you just do your thing, but sometimes we might need to do voice calls and direct/discuss your lines. I don't want you to feel rushed, either, but we do expect you to send over your recorded lines after a decent period of time has passed. A busy schedule is a busy schedule, but we cannot wait forever for every recording to come in. 

    Staying in Contact: DISCORD IS PREFERRED!!! It is the easiest medium for giving updates, keeping in touch, and calling when needing direction. It's also a free program, and can be accessed through PC, mobile, and even browser (yes, that means no downloaded needed). However, if for some reason you just can't get that, emailing or some other social media contact will be tolerable or discussed. Also, you're not expected to come hang out with us, but it'd be totally cool if ya did! 

    Roles on Roles on Roles: There are plenty of characters to go around in this series, but its a gradual pace to get to many debuts, so not all roles will be accessible at current. Although we will give already-cast voice talents an early chance to audition for them, we ask that you frequently come back to this project to audition for new roles when they roll in! Diversity adds for authenticity and better quality, after all! 

    Non-profit: Soooo... its a parody of an officially licensed franchise. We cannot make profit off of it, so do not expect any compensation other than our love and pride and the satisfaction of being apart of a Fairy Tail parody! (Crowdfunding is a different story, though....)

    THIS WILL CONTAIN PROFANITY AND SUGGESTIVE CONTENT.  If you do not feel up to recording for this type of content but still want to join the project, give a warning either in your audition or contact me and inform me of this. 

    Listed below will be positions needed for both voice and non-voice roles.

    About the Creator: jmarsingill

    An aspiring voice over talent, I have a neutral american accent and can perform based on the client's needs. Though I only had found my calling in Voice over in late 2017, I always had a desire to create products involving my voice as a child! You could say I subconsciously always wanted to be in this industry. 

    I'm an entry level talent, performing voice ranges from high to low, voicing characters from youthful teenagers to wacky elderly men! I also have, what one might call, a protagonist voice! 

    Check out my demo reel!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold