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About Becca_Bailey

Hi I’m a 17 year old female from England. I study musical theatre B-Tech. 

  • @juno895

    Becca is SUPER sweet, a really kind outgoing person who always gets her stuff in on time! She is always such a nice person to talk to and I hope to be working with her again in the future :)

  • @alois

    Becca is someone who's very cooperative, nice, and respectful. She is super sweet as well! I highly recommend her if your looking for a voice actor!

  • @skyler_akami

    Alright,so Becca is a super fun,nice,and friendly person! She's really good at what she's doing,and I hope she continues doing it. She such a nice person to talk to,and very sweet. I hope I get to work with her again next time.

  • @qwest44

    Becca did a great job with her lines. She received the feedback, made adjustments where necessary, and delivered well! She's a great person to work with and I certainly recommend her for any projects you may have!