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About Me

First off I thanks for checking out my page on the CCC. My name is Heather but I tend to go by Vixen online. I am a Canadian Voice Actress or at least I am trying to be anyway. I have some classical stage acting experience and have now been doing voice over work for the last year and a half.  My voice can be described as versatile but I am much more comfortable in the Mid - Low Female range. I also have a strong preference voicing characters that have more sultry or commanding quality's to them but cute shy characters can be fun too.

Works in Progress

Blue Boundary VN - Cast Role: Charlotte 
Creator: Team Azure

My Hero Academia Abridged - Cast Role: Mt. Lady
Creator: Stomsi

Final Fantasy 7 Game Dub - Cast Role: Jessie
Creator: Mae

High School of the Dead Abridged - Cast Role: Saeko
Creator: FallVixen (Self)

Completed Works

High School of the Dead Abridged Episode One