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    About 1st Degree - RECASTING


    -This is an r18+/M BL visual novel that will include BOYxBOY sex scenes.

    -You MUST be comfortable with submitting moan reels if you are hired as a lead character.

    -Side characters will not have to submit any moan files for the main game (may need to for side stories).

    -We have mainly male roles, but we do have a role open to females for all of the random females in the game (must still be 18 years or older).

    -Feel free to audition for more than one character.

    -(OPTIONAL) Submit a moan reel at the end of a line if you want to!

    Please see this link for the character images: Character Image

    1st Degree is a boys' love (BxB) game in development by Parival LLC. We're currently seeking a few voice actors. The game has been in development for over a year and has gone through a few script rewrites and delays. As such, some of our old voice actors are no longer available. Thus, some roles are being recast and some new ones created. The game is still currently in progress, so you can expect lines every month or every two months. You will be required to work with deadlines. Given lines will most likely be due one month after they are given. If deadlines are not met, you will be recast unless you inform us beforehand with an acceptable reason.



    -300k-400k words including exposition

    -About 2k-4k lines per main character (may be more)

    -About 5-50 lines per side character (more or less)

    -Emotionally demanding lines

    -Death scenes

    -Sex scenes


    MAIN Character VAs Needed: Aiden, Leo, Griffith

    SIDE Character VAs Needed: Dave, Lucas, Mido, Detective Hodgins, Director, Random Males, Random Females


    Summary of the VN:

    A city on edge as a serial killer roams the streets...


    Frustrated by one unsolved murder after another, forensics graduate student Rei Kuroshima decides to get his hands dirty to solve the crimes. He resolves to copy the killings to chase the serial killer known as "The Doctor" in order to figure out how the murders were accomplished. Along with his supervisor Aiden Steele, a detective oblivious to Rei’s identity as “The Copycat” killer, he must piece together a trail of evidence to uncover the identity of “The Doctor.” At school, however, Rei must maintain his normal student life while dealing with his desires.



    There are a few characters that have already been cast: Rei, Jun, Minami, Osamu. 


    This casting call is for the DEMO and FULL GAME. Since we are running on Kickstarter funds, the main characters will be given $0.1 per line over three words + 1% royalties for the first year, and side characters will be given $0.1 per line over three words. I wish that we had more to pay and I understand that most will not work for this price, so we may switch to partial voice acting and patch the game with full later on. Payment will be conducted as follows: through Paypal after completing lines for every two routes. For example, the demo and the common route completed-receive payment, Jun’s route and Aiden’s route completed-receive payment, Twins’ route and Minami’ route completed-receive payment.

    Please ignore the payment on the character's role, it is not accurate. The characters will be paid at the rate above.


    We are expecting to release an updated demo by the end of this year or early next year at the most with the full game coming out Fall of 2019.


    The full game will be in development for about another year to give all of our partners enough time for their part of the game.



    If you would also like to join our public server just to support our project, please feel free to do so: https://discord.gg/6T6vVaP


    *For more information about this project, feel free to visit our lemmasoft page:


    *We've also had a successful kickstarter:



    *You can also send us an email at parivalgames (gmail).


    -We will be drafting up a contract and a NDA for you if you are cast as a role.

    -All lines submitted for the game will be through Google Drive. The format will be all takes for 1 line in 1 file, make sure it is .ogg. (ONE LINE PER FILE, not multiple lines in 1 file.) Just make sure your audio is balanced and free of excess noise.


    About the Creator: Parival

    Parival, Inc. is a BL visual novel company currently developing the BL VN: 1st Degree.

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