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About kcouto1945

 Voice Actor with Stage Theatre and Film experience.

  • @tintenseher

    A talent with a wide range, friendly, quick, and very easily grasps context and direction. A pleasure to work with.

  • @scottyartz

    Very easy to work with and friendly! Was blown away with his voice talent. Will most likely work with him again in future projects!

    You can find Kevin's Part in the project linked at (00:17)

  • @rubbish-log

    It might be easiest to say what he did! So KCouto's contribution was a pretty unique one for my podcast, as he had to bring life to a crowd of over a hundred vampires with two other voice actors and a Goblin sound effect or two to help. And with his delivery of each line he gave a unique take for each line delivery, and also recorded a TON of sounds for the Vampire crowd. He's adaptable, friendly and enthusiastic, and above all is talented. I look forward to working with him again very soon!