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About EmiriiVA

Hi there! Thanks for taking an interest in my voice work! Name’s Emirii and I’m a hobbyist voice actress who’s got a knack for bringing characters to life! I’ve been doing this since February 2020 and have absolutely fallen in love with it! 

From impressions to my own original voices, I have a huge voice range that I hope is to your liking! Looking for a shy softie? a sassy rich girl? a worried mother? Maybe even an aggressive tomboy? Well, I’m your girl! My voice is very flexible and can adapt to set voices very easily! I am most comfortable in the medium to low range however I have been honing my high pitched voice since I was 7!

I enjoy voice acting for comic dubs, fan dubs, abridges, animations, animatics, etc! I am more comfortable with character acting, however, I am also branching into the world of narration!

I will not voice act for NSFW projects. This includes pornography, heavy gore, etc. No negotiations!

Interested in working with me? Reach out to me via one of my socials!

Discord: Emirii#8590

Instagram: emiriiva

  • @aloe_

    Emirii is such a talented and passionate VA, I've seen her around a lot, and I've heard so many of her amazing auditions you would not believe how much effort goes into her voice work, her voice is super sweet, and is very supportive towards her co-workers! Cast her, you won't regret it!

  • @deleted470571

    Emirii is an amazing voice actor. All of Emirii's audition have effort and you can clearly see it. The talent Emirii holds is amazing. When giving feedback,Emirii gives correct tips and advice. If you cast Emirii,you will not regret it.

  • @nixill

    Emirii, has the CUTEST voice and is extremely sweet and can even maybe make your day!! I have heard a lot of her VA, and I’m impressed like heck. She is a huge inspiration to the younger VA’s and will not let you down. You won’t regret casting her! <3

  • @akiflower

    Emirii is honestly a great voice actor and friend! We're currently working together as voice actors in an upcoming project, and let me tell you that she's easily one of the people that inspires me. She can change from a mature voice to a high-cutesy voice.
    She's also fun to talk to and extremely welcoming to her teammates. Emirii is an excellent voice actor, so you don't even have to think twice about casting her!

  • @em_is_cool

    Insane, talented, funny, and passionate. Those are the words I would use to summarize Emi. Her and I are voice acting together in an upcoming project and let me tell you, this lad is ASTONISHING. Her vocal range is mad, she can go from young adult-sounding voices to young dumb lil children. It’s clear to see she puts so much work into her voice acting and always knows how to brighten us up. We’ve known each other for only a few weeks, but we became the best of friends by telling each other the dumbest jokes and supporting each other whenever the other feels down. You will NOT regret hiring this talented lad. She’s super supportive of everyone and she is basically my motivation to work harder. Definitely top-tier voice actor and she deserves all the positive recognition she gets !

  • @kaxtlyn

    I'M SORRY WHAT?! WHY ISN'T EMIRII FAMOUS ALREADY?? I- I'm in shock. This, THIS IS A LIE! I cannot believe this! How dare someone with such a huge voice range, amazing emotions and vocals, and an even better personality get so little recognition?! I don't understand- please someone explain this to me, the system is rigged. Seriously Emi is an amazing and extremely talented voice actor, trust me when I say that you WILL NOT regret casting them. She's phenomenal, I'm honestly at a loss for words. It's so evident how much they adore VA and the effort she puts in each and every line. Besides that, she's always looking out for others, and you can DEFINITELY rely on them to have a great conversation! Trust me when I say this, Emi's going to be extremely famous one day, genuinely one of the best voice actors and people I know.

  • @elodyva

    I cannot begin to say how amazing Emi is. Seriously, all the way from playing an evil devil to a four year old girl, this absolutely talented va has such an impressive range and can voice literally any character. Her voice is so pretty and so addicting to listen to and she flatters her voice even more with the amazing emotions expressed with the lines. Not only is Emi talented, I will have to say her personality is one of the brightest of them all. She never fails to make me and her fellow friends laugh and is always supportive and professional when needed. You will not regret casting Emi, trust me.

  • @_brie_

    Emirii is amazing. No questions asked. Their range is incredible! They can pull off low to high voices so so well. Seriously, I wish I had this much talent. I also love their voice?! It's so pretty and it's soft and along with the emotion in their lines; it's so cool. They inspire me so much. And even if they won't be auditioning for a while now, I'm still writing this. Emirii deserves it.

  • @andyishere

    Emirii is an awesome person to work with! She is so dedicated towards sending in lines! She always sent them in not long after deadline, no matter what. Emirii is a great person to work with!

  • @kitsunirayx

    I've known Emi for some time now and I just cannot describe how amazing she is! Her voice is gorgeous, the emotions she can portray are infinite and spot on! 100% committed to her work and not to mention how sweet, kind and supportive she is and I'm just so honoured to be friends with her. Honestly, you won't regret casting Emi. If you see her around, don't hesitate to cast her because I can guarantee she will excel greatly and will make a great asset. I look forward to see what more awesome works she will do in the future ^^