Name's Kitsuni or Ray. Read on to find out more about me and my works! ^^

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About KitsuniRayx

Greetings, my name is KitsuniRayx but you can address me as Kitsuni or Ray. I'm an aspiring Asian-British voice actress, writer and musician with a great passion for creativity! ^^


~ Pronouns: She/Her/They

~ Age: 13+ (Minor)

~ Time Zone: GMT/BST

~ Range: Low - High

~ VA Experience/Music Experience: 2+ Years / 8+ Years                                                                         

I officially started voice acting on February 21st 2021 and I'm an ENFJ/ENFJ-T for anybody interested.

 ✦Schedule ✦

I am usually very busy with lots of work and especially school. 
Although I'm quite busy, I am fully committed when it comes to voice acting, writing and music.

My range of pitch for voice acting is versatile, it can be from a child to teenager to an adult. My range of accents can also vary from American, British, French and more.

Want to contact me? You can reach out to me via the following:

~ Discord: kitsunirayx (previously KitsuniRayx #9998)

~ Twitter: @KitsuniRayx

~ Email: kitsunirayva (

~ Or just PM me on CCC

Thankyou for coming to my page. Have and amazing day or night! ^^


My set prices are:

$0.25 per word                                                        $1.00 per line

This of course doesn't apply if I audition for a paid project with set prices. These prices are negotiable and I usually voice act for fun, experience and exposure. If there are any questions about this please contact me, I'm always open for negotiation.       

What KitsuniRayx is looking for

If you are to ask me to voice in your project I usually look for:

~ High quality

~ Commitment 

~ Original Projects

~ High chances for the project to be completed

If you wish for me to voice in your project please DM me with:

> The character you want me to voice with characteristics (e.g. Name, age, voice range etc.)

> Plot of the story

> Short term or Long term?

> Category of the project (e.g. Gacha, Minecraft, Animation etc.)

> Position of the character? (e.g. Lead, supporting etc.)

> Link to YouTube/platform the project is distributed/ previous work if there is any. Just so I can see how much experience and audience. 

(You can see released projects here)

Please also be aware, I DO NOT partake in ANY NSFW.

For more info/questions, contact me if you wish.                                        

  • @lusaerys

    I'm writing a recommendation because I'm mad about how Kitsuni has none (yet, hopefully at least a dozen by the time you read this). This person is AMAZING. I've seen them around a lot, and I wholeheartedly believe they deserve so much more recognition.

    She has a beautiful, clear voice, her enunciation is also flawless. I may have never talked to her but it's apparent how much effort she puts into their work. The emotions are absolutely on point; even if I'm not the director for the projects she auditions for, the lines are delivered EXACTLY as I imagined, they just feel so natural. Stellar performance, where's her Oscar?

    I can't say much about their personality because again, this is my first time openly gushing about them, but their professionalism really shines through.

    Honestly, please cast her if you get the chance to, because she's what I call UNDERRATED. Have a good day, afternoon or night :)

  • @clumsilly

    Kitsuni is an awesome voice actor. She has such a nice voice. It’s so sweet, and clear. And her emotions are awesome. I’ve worked with Kitsuni on a few projects, and I already love them. Not because of how great of a voice actor ( she is, don’t get me wrong, ) but because she’s also just a sweet person. In all of the projects we have been in together, she has never failed to disappoint. I personally think she is a very underrated voice actor, and I hope to see Kitsuni grow in the future. Love ya Kitsuni <333

  • @sofialynnteresi

    I'm going to be honest here, and tell you something. The first time I meet a new voice actor, I immediately think to myself if their voice is prettier than mine. Even though I swear everyone is, this girl is an angel. Her voice is crisp and soft at the same time and on top of that, she is one of the sweetest and most considerate people I've ever met. I seriously have no doubt in my mind this girl will make a positive change in the voice acting community. I can't wait to watch her grow as a voice actress. <333
    -Sofia Lynn

  • @deleted537568

    Kitsuni's skills are so amazing! her voice is soft and pretty Is just so, I don't even know what to say! She is extremely UNDERRATED! And fantastic at VA! <333 AMAZING Kitsuni! -Aritetta

  • @paisydaisyva

    Kitsuni is just... HOW DO I PUT IT OMG TOO POGGGG. She's so dedicated to her work and honestly such a nice and supporting person. Also a great friend too! She's worth the cast! SO CAST HER RN >:)

  • @elodyva

    Oh ray, there's so much to say. I mean the first thing that comes to mind is just how sweet of a person she is. Ray never fails to brighten up the room with her kindness and beautiful heart. She's such a supportive cast member AND friend, what a beautiful soul. And of course, how could I forget her voice??? Ray's voice is so pretty, and the emotions she presents with her it are flawless. Beautiful voice, beautiful heart, what more can I say?

  • @_brie_

    Two words that immediately come to my mind when describing Ray is sweet and talented, because she is! Their voice acting is so amazing from how pretty their voice is to their emotion and audio quality. I- I want her voice so so bad please give it to me Ray- Anyway, you would not believe how sweet and supportive they are?! It's a blast talking to her and she brings such positivity to the voice acting community. They're so so underrated, don't miss your chance to cast them!

  • @kaxtlyn

    Uhm??? Excuse me, how am I even supposed to DESCRIBE how amazing this girl is?! She has such a large range that she showcases SO well in every single one of her auditions. Genuinely, I wish I had her vocal range, not to mention her SO naturally pretty voice as well. Not to mention how good she is at expressing emotions?? Whether it be fear, happiness, anger, anything, I can ALWAYS clearly hear and understand the emotion behind each and every word. Let me say, Ray does NOT hold back on those emotional scenes, and it's absolutely what you would want in any voice actor. No matter the line or audition, you can absolutely expect her to bring her A-game, and put 110% into it! This girl is seriously going far, I'm not lying when I say that one day she'll be voicing in major projects, even outside of gacha.

    Okay but like, other than voice acting, can we all acknowledge how much of a sweetie she is as well? Ray is so so SO humble and always goes out of her way to compliment others. Genuinely, she's one of the sweetest and kindest VAs I've ever met, I'm really glad to be able to consider this goddess a friend. Phenomenal range, great emotions (and quality!), AND a spectacular personality?! Cast her, don't give it a second thought, you WON'T regret it.

  • @deleted527807

    I can go on and on to describe how AMAZING AND TALENTED this bean is! Ray is an incredible VA who has such a sweet voice with great expression making her feel like she's actually the character! Her audio quality is clear and amazing! She is great to talk to, and is really nice! She sneds her lines on time and it will sound great, so don't even hesitate to cast her! <3

  • @aloeva

    Ray is the sweetest and most talented VA you might come across. I have worked with her on several occasions and have always had the pleasure of working with her. Ray's voice sounds unreal because of how sweet and angelic it sounds, but the fact she has such a wide range and can play almost any character amazes me! Her emotions are always on point, her audio is crisp and clean, and most importantly, she is such a joy to be around! She's always there to support you and the other and will always put a smile on your face. Cast her! Trust me you won't ever regret it.

  • @ellarine

    I cannot put to words on how much amazing and skilled Kitsuni is. She is very dedicated to her work and is such a nice person. You can converse with her well and she has such a pretty and soothing voice. Kitsuni is indeed a fantastic VA and you will not regret casting her! <3

  • @emiriiva

    Ray is an absolutely amazing voice actor. I’m genuinely upset I didn’t hear about her until we were in a project together. She has a talent and she makes it clear in every one of her auditions. Her voice is sooooo pretty and clear. She has a good work ethic and is kind and considerate towards her peers. She is a pleasure to have around both as a friend and a coworker/employee. I can confidently say she will not disappoint you. Cast her, you won’t regret it ^^ 

  • @birdiepeachu

    I had auditioned for a project Kitsuni was in, once I submitted, I wanted to check out some submissions. Her voice was very soothing and calm, almost reasuring, she could create a whole new character with just one voice. I 100% reccomend her!

  • @siege-yt

    Ray is such a sweetheart like omg. She is an amazing VA and a great person. She is hardworking and passionate about her work and she's fun to work with! Highly recommend her~

  • @deleted583625

    I have worked alongside Ray only a few times. However, that was all it took for me to realize what an amazingly talented and passionate voice actor she is! Her voice is just beautiful, clear, and the emotion is always on point. Each line she records in just flawless. Her dedication, her range, everything she has always brings whatever character she plays on the screen to life! Ray's talent is truly unbelievable and blows my mind every time I hear her VO!

    Besides that, Ray is just a genuine, sweet person! I mean- if she can deal with Hyping, she's practically a goddess! /j Though I have never gotten to personally interact with her, I can honestly say she is one of the kindest people I have ever met! 

    Overall, 10/10 recommend! I would highly consider casting Ray for your project!

  • @krysviee

    So Ray, It's Krys :D 
    Also like why is your voice so hot, like I want it, everyone wants it! Anyway, Ray is an amazing VA and u should literally cast this person. Ray is such a nice human being to talk to and has full of talent!