17 y/o vocalist and cellist (;

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About leela

My experience starts at October of 2020, and my all-around active VA experience is best described as two years. NO NSFW, cursing within morally correct reason. My recommendations are old, Lizzie was my online alias :)


I'm open to both free and paid work.

What leela is looking for

I will take on anything that looks exciting or interesting. I want nothing more than to be part of something that is actually released :')

  • @kaxtlyn

    SCREW YOU LIZZIE HOW DARE YOU BE THIS TALENTED?! Seriously, where are all her recommendations?! I met her many months ago, and I was astounded by her talent then, and still am to this day! Her voice is extremely pretty, and she genuinely knows how to voice act EXTREMELY well. She knows just how to bring a character to life! No joke, I'm so glad that we've been able to work on a few projects together, it's amazing having her around. Not only that, but she has such a fun and loving personality that no one else can top! Lowkey, she deserves so much more recognition than she gets right now. Cast her, you will not regret it, I promise you.

  • @elodyva

    Lizzie has such a beautiful and unique voice mwua chef's kiss. I cannot explain HOW MUCH I LOVE IT. All the way from acting as a tough guard, to a feminine teen, to a supportive adult, I swear this girl can do so much with her voice. Not only is she so talented in voice acting, but SHE CAN ALSO SING, just putting it out there^-^ As a fellow cast member, Lizzie gives off extremely good vibes, ITS SO HARD TO EXPLAIN it's like she's the type of person you can always be comfortable with and have fun with! Honestly a must have member in a cast. Cast this girl, she will not disappoint!

  • @_brie_

    Is this even allowed? This much talent?! Lizzie is an incredible person and voice actor. You can tell she loves voice acting based on the emotions she puts into her lines. Their voice is so pretty too! It's also so much fun hanging out with her. They're just so funny and genuine. She's such a delight to be working with and you won't regret casting her at all.

  • @paisydaisyva

    I don't know Lizzie well and we've talked a little- but DANG THIS GIRL IS TALENTED. Her voice is so pretty and I could honestly listen to it all day and never get sick of it. She always puts effort and has a great range of voice. It's really unique and I still can't believe she isn't popular. I highly recommend her 11/10. Just wow. You won't regret having her on your team. underrated

  • @kitsunirayx

    Lizzie is so so so SOOO talented I don't have all the words to describe it. I've known her for sometime now and she is the definition of underrated, I truly believe she deserves so much more recognition. The emotions are chef's kiss, on point and her range is super versatile it's stunning. Lizzie has 100% committment and I can guarantee she will make a wonderful addition to a cast. And don't forget how kind, funny and nice she is to talk to, I'm honoured to be her friend! So please don't hesitate if you see her around because she's so worth it !!! Stay amazing Lizzie <33