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About akiyama

˜”*°•.˜”*°• About •°*”˜.•°*”˜

My name is Akiyama! I prefer to be called Aki or Ayama tho^^
My pronouns are she/her
I am 15-16 years old

I love singing, voice acting, writing, animating, and video editing

˜”*°•.˜”*°• VA Details •°*”˜.•°*”˜

I started voice acting in August 2020.
I am most comfortable with medium-high but willing to try out other ranges!
I will not audition for anything NSFW, 18+, or hateful projects.

  • @emiriiva

    As a friend and a fellow voice actor on an upcoming project with Aki, can I just say how talented this girl is?
    Aki has a super adorable voice, it’s so energetic too! Honestly, a great choice overall.
    Aki also loves to interact with her other team members! She’s a big charmer, and one of the funniest people I know.
    Cast her, I can guarantee you won’t regret it :)

  • @lusaerys

    PLEASEEEEE THIS GIRL IS SO FUN TO BE AROUND <3 Aki is one of the friendliest people I know, and a humble yet confident one at that. She has a vast array of talents, animating and voice acting in particular; she's INCREDIBLE at what she does. She's really good with expressing emotions and has super clean audio quality! Aki is super underrated, casting her is a whole privilege that I believe no one should miss out on.

  • @em_is_cool

    This girl is the literal definition of awesome. Her voice acting quality and effort is literal perfection. As someone who also is working alongside her in an upcoming project, she’s extremely talented and very supportive of everyone when you’re feeling down. Very fun to talk with and also highly professional. You would definitely not regret hiring this talented girl. 🦔 <3

  • @kaxtlyn

    Aki is, to put it short, too good for this world. I honestly love her (plactonically hehe). Her personality, her voice, her animating, and so much more. I am not joking when I say that she pours her heart and soul into everything she does, and it always comes out top-notch! Really, Aki is someone I aspire to be like. She's growing and getting so much better everyday, it's unbelievable. Moreover, she's such a sweet and friendly girl, I honestly can't believe that we got to become friends! To any casting directors reading this, if you're looking for someone who will undoubtedly deliver and support your project to the end, look no further.

  • @bluenightshadez

    WHHHHHH AKi is incredibly epic and is very much permitted to come and steal my cat.
    In all seriousness though, Aki is wonderful with brightening the mood of the server with the power of god, anime and grammarn't

    Wait ok
    In actual seriousness, Aki is a super talented voice actor, and you, my reader, will be incredibly astounded when she whips around after delivering incredible lines and smacks one of her animation videos in your face because, I kid you not, she is an INSANE animator. In both the sense that she's extremely talented when it comes to this and the sense that she is literally insane.
    Please, just cast her. DO IT!!!

  • @zaraytxx

    Aki is a amazing voice actor. Yeah I could seriously end that there. I am currently making a series and I asked Aki to play the protagonist, And shes doing a great job! Even when shes sick she doesnt fail to deliver clearly. Dont be shy message her! She doesnt bite! 👑

  • @_brie_

    Aki. Tell me, how does she have this much talent?! Her voice is so cute and the audio quality she has only makes her voice acting even better. I'm not in the series she's directing but based on what I know, it's going to be absolutely epic. Plus, her animating is so smooth and amazing??? Please tell me how she is not famous yet! Seriously, cast her. You'll be missing out if you don't!

  • @elodyva

    I really don't know what to say, Aki is an amazingly talented voice actor, my jaw literally drops every time I hear her. I would say her voice is in between cute and REALLY PRETTY and the way she delivers her lines with it is flawless. Her emotions and interpretation of every line sounds so natural and realistic, I am seriously amazed. Not only is Aki an absolutely amazing voice actor, she's also an incredible animator! One last thing I would like to add is how much of a team member she is. As one in a few casts with Aki, the cast and server could literally never be the same without her. Amazing, multi-talented, fun and supportive, what else can I say?