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Welcome to my CCC account! My name is Breanna, but I go by Bre more often!

I am an aspiring voice actor, hoping to get my voice out there into the voice acting community! I am new but I have been voicing things on my own in my room for several years now, slowly testing out different voices for different characters

I have about five years of theatre under my belt, as well as six years of choir as of right now (August 23rd, 2019)

Anyways, there really isn't much else about me at the moment! If you do have questions, you may message me or contact me below on my Discord!

Thank you for visiting! ❤︎

~Bre ❤︎


Discord: VampireBre#6811

Email: DM me for my email! 


It is not necessary to pay me since I am doing this as a hobby right now.


Current Projects 🎙

Danganronpa: Lock Down - Ayeka Shimizu (Pre-Production)

Danganronpa M: Insanity/Morality  - Beezy (Pre-Production)

Danganronpa: Isolation - Rena Rumiko (Pre-Production)

Okiagaru Danganronpa Emplosion - Rifusu Temu (Pre-Production/Very Early Stages)

Danganronpa: Forest of Despair - Rosalina "Mirabilis" Foilum (Pre-Production)

Danganronpa: Spiritual Sins (Audio Drama) - Megumi Nohara (Production)

Danganronpa-Jinkaku Hen - Mari Shimoda (Pre-Production)

Dangaronpa: Spirits of Hope - Sada Eiko (Pre-Production)

Memorabilia Comic Dub - Nurse (Production)

Danganronpa V3 Killing Harmony: The Musical! - Ensemble (Pre-Production)

Danganronpa: Consequential Desires - Enigma (Pre-Production)

Danganronpa: Open Gates - Aria Foster (Pre-Production)

Danganronpa: Rumbling Skies - Fumi Esumi (Pre-Production)

Danganronpa: Killing Days - Monomiku (Pre-Production)

Until Dawn Abridged the The Movie - Jessica (Pre-Production)

Danganronpa: Liar Liar  - Naoko Akiyama (Pre-Production)

Danganronpa V4 Rocky Restarts - Kim Davis (Production)

Danganronpa: Broken Luck - Ju Buro (Pre-Production)

Danganronpa: Discord Pollution - Hiromi Yukihasu (Pre-Production)

Danganronpa: Descent Into Madness - Catherine Nishida (Pre-Production/Very Early Stages)

MMD Yandere Simulator Story - Info-Chan (Pre-Production)

Danganronpa V3 Trial Fandub - Maki Harukawa/Monophanie (Production)

Danganronpa Unite: Heaven or Hell - Setsuko Shinozaki (Pre-Production)

Three-Point Shot (Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony Fanfic Audiobook Series) - Maki Harukawa/Monophanie (Production)

Danganronpa V3 Game Fandub - Monophanie (Pre-Production)

Remnants of Despair Dubs (Danganronpa) - Maki Harukawa/Chiaki Nanami/Toko Fukawa (Pre-Production)

Danganronpa: A New Dawn - Emiko Saito/Chiako Ito (Pre-Production)

Hooky Fandub (WebToon) - Monica (Pre-Production)

Danganronpa: A Hopeless Hotel - Youko Murakami (Pre-Production)

Danganronpa Despair’s End - The Beginning of Despair - Aikou Arashii (Pre-Production)

LilCrispyIcyHot Comic Dubs Danganronpa Side - Maki Harukawa (Production)

Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair Fandub (Video Series - Starrie) - Chiaki Nanami (Production)

Danganronpa 2: Godbye Despair Fandub (Video Series - MonsieurGary) - Chiaki Nanami /Mikan Tsumiki  (Production)

Danganronpa: Deluded Morality - Ultimate Florist/Misaki Nakunaru (Pre-Production)

{Danganronpa Inspired} Talent Show of Horror | A Mini Horror Series - Shelby Granger (Production)

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Abridged - Celestia Ludenberg (Production)

The Kiss Bet | Comic Fandub - Sara Lin (Production)

Dismay (Fanmade Danganronpa-Esque Project) - Akarui Yami (Pre-Production)

Danganronpa: Murder on the Despair Express - Hana Hirano (Pre-Production)

Hope’s Peak Voices - Danganronpa 1/2/V3 - Mikan Tsumiki (Production)

Danganronpa: Fate Flawed - Akari Sato (Pre-Production)

The Danganronpa Retrospective - Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair - Chiaki Nanami (Pre-Production)

Completed Projects ☺️

Danganronpa: Reboot/Side A (Fanganronpa Audio Drama Prologue) - Kaneru Minami/Kanna Akiba 
Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trailer Fandub - Trucy Wright
Operation Doppelganger | The Quintessential Quintuplets Fandub - Miku Nakano

(Unknown) Status/Canceled Projects 😢

Yandere Simulator Animated Series - Info-Chan (Unknown)

Danganronpa Doomsday High - Mizuki Morikawa

Danganronpa FD - Yoshi Fusa (Unknown)

Danganronpa: Theatre of Despair - Kamilia Hardy (Unknown)

Danganronpa XX: Roaring 20's - Jun Suzuki (Unknown)

Another Side - Sporting Hopefuls (Danganronpa Audio Drama) - Toko Fukawa

Danganronpa: Corruption Hanami Aimoto

Danganronpa Murder Mayhem - Tadame Tadako

Danganronpa V2 - Kaori Kanai

Plotzilla (Dark Comedy Audio Drama) - Bully-Chan

Danganronpa IF - Celestia Ludenberg
Danganronpa 17: Shards of Hope Fanmade Audio Drama - Amber Akiyama
Danganronpa Comic Dub Group - Chiaki Nanami/Maki Harukawa/Kotoko Utsugi
Danganronpa: The Ultimate Despair | Fanganronpa - Colette Haws
Danganronpa: The Legends of Killing - Chino Isuzu 
Danganronpa: Psycho of Despair - Nami Mizuno (Unknown)

The Ultimate Dubbing Group [Danganronpa] - Chiaki Nanami (Unknown)

Danganronpa: Town of Terror - Kokoro Kenji (Unknown)

Danganronpa: The Ultimate Academy - Cherry


    • Luucarii on Jan 26
      Received voice work

      Bre is a voice actress beaming with light and potential and I was honored to work with her! She takes great interests in projects she's casted for and she works incredibly hard to give her best performance. She's a great person and VA and I really do recommend her!

  • Bear Puff4 on Dec 04
    Received voice work

    Bre and I have voiced in quite a few projects together now, and she has never ceased to impress me! She’s super talented, really friendly, and a very dedicated voice actress! She did an awesome job bringing my character to life, and always worked hard to send in her lines on time with great quality recordings. If you get an audition from Bre, straight up cast her! You will not regret working with her! She’s an awesome friend to have too ^-^

Casting Calls and Auditons

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