Never going to give up on what I love to do! Bring it on!

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My name is Khalil Randle-Myers (known as SuperKobalt). I'm an aspiring voice actor/film actor who dreams of making a career out of moving my body and harnessing my voice. One day I dream of voice in a fighting video game. Before taking a career in Acting, I was an introverted, kept-to-themselves type of person. But watching other actors and many of my favorite media has taught me that you don't have to be scared to be YOU. Acting has profoundly changed me as a person. Now, I'm more involved in activities and becoming more of a leader. And I'm ready to take at any opportunity this world throws at me!

You can watch a visual reel of the start of my career to now

Wester Carolina University Stage and Screen - 2022

BFA Acting Program

Instructed by Stage and Screen

The BFA in Theatre Arts, focusing on Acting for Stage and Screen, is a competitive, audition-only program of study. 


  1. 75 cents PER line.

  2. FLEXIBLE to any pricing.

  3. As long as its FAIR.

What KOBALT is looking for

  1. Dedicated Projects

  2. Talented Actors 

  3. Determined Work

  4. Entertaining Auditions

  5. FUN!!

  • @calvin-wilks

    Having Kobalt's presence in my project proved to be an incredibly positive experience. Kobalt voiced with complete accuracy to his character's description, and provided his fellow voice actors with refreshing energy. It was truly a pleasure to work together on this project with you, Kobalt! I'd love to see more collaborations with you in the future.