Hello! My name is Anna but please call me Bna! I am a voice actor with a year of experience. 

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About bnaVA

Heyo! My name is Anna, but call me Bna! B-n-a or Buh-nah are both Valid^^ if you are here to check out my vocal work, keep reading! 

✾Basic info✾

Range: High, high-med, med, med low.

Accent: North American, English

Language: English

Hobbies: Voice acting, drawing, video editing at times, and audio mixing.

✾Projects I mainly audition for✾

Video games




NO NSFW OR 18+ PROJECTS (as I am a minor myself)

NO roles that requires singing! 

Original projects will be most likely be accepted! (If it's not a fandub!)

Must be dedicated to your project!

The role must be guaranteed to me. Please do not ask me to audition for your project.

✾Contact info✾

Discord: bnabna#3727 (MY DISCORD FRIEND REQUESTS ARE TEMPORARILY TURNED OFF, please use my email for now)

CCC: PM (Private message)

Email: [redacted]


I will not charge unless the project is a paid one.

  • @xmlao


    As a fellow ARG and Story maker for a semi-big series, I found BNA on this website to help me with a character that made a minor appearance in the trailer of my video.

    BNA was very open and fast on response time, which caught me off guard completely in a positive way.

    Although BNA acted a bit shy in our first moments, BNA slowly opened up and was a great person to.

    They were not afraid to speak up they did not agree with something they were comfortable with, and had a very creative approach to the tasks I threw at them.

    BNA is a very passionate, new and motivated person who truly cares about the work, and other things revolving around that.

    They are truly kind, and amazing to work with.

    Another thing that stood out about BNA, compared to some other people I have worked with in the past is that she has an amazing understanding of when to use tones.

    Although BNA's mic had a few pops here and there I was able to work around that by using a radio filter on my editing software, so if you have big projects in the future and you decide to use BNA for a voice just note that down.

    Even then, that's such a little detail that is barely noticeable to a lot of other people.

    If I ever have any projects in the future that requires a female voice, I will definitely ask BNA.

    𝕊𝕚𝕘𝕟𝕖𝕕 𝔹𝕪

    -𝕏𝕄𝕃𝔸𝕆 [𝕂𝕚𝕟𝕕𝕠]


  • @magicalcreature

    Soo here's the thing. bna_VA is-

    The mic is perfect, hardly any background noise. Great voice talent. And just a kind and wonderful person in general.
    Your Friendly Gacha Creator

  • @supermc-adeley

    She is such an amazing voice actor! She gets her lines turned in quickly and she just has a beautiful&natural way of doing voice acting! Hopefully we can become voice acting friends soon!

  • @wizgamingxd

    I cannot begin to describe how amazing BNA is. Though I haven't directly worked with her in the past, I've seen numerous examples of her work, and it never fails to blow me away. Definitely consider casting her if she auditions for your project!

  • @probably-sea

    BNA IS AMAZING! She is so amazing in the work that she does, and I love hearing her bring characters to life! Just hearing her audition for a project is amazing. Stan this queen, I would recommend casting her <3

  • @candied-bubbles

    Madams and sirs, this here is a fast growing young VA in the VA community. WHY ARE YOU STARING AT THIS RECCOMENDATION AND NOT CASTING HER FOR YOUR PROJECT?!
    With that aside, bna is a really sweet person, and is an amazing VA. She has such an amazing range, and her show of emotion makes me think it's real and not acting, even if it was. So please go cast her, bna is such an amazing person. <3

  • @nvstolgia

    How does one even begin to describe the talent known as bna_VA? How is one able to keep details of this jewel concise when there is so much to say? Bna, as a fellow VA, is someone who's voice is HARD TO NOT LOVE! Reviewing her auditions, you can confirm for yourself what I mean when I say that her voice is truly a gift! Working with her in projects, you're able to truly see her shine as her work quality is nothing short of impeccable! Viewing her as a person, it goes without words, her personality is one to brighten up your day! Such an honor to be around!

  • @kazumistories

    Bna is absolutely AMAZING! I've seen her around, she's auditioned for me in the past, and I've also worked with her a couple of times. Honestly. DO NOT miss the opportunity to cast her if she happens to audition for you! Her work is amazing, and she is great with what she does. I can't tell you how much I wanted to cast her... However, I'm an idiot and only really had four roles, but in all honesty, I would 100% open another role up just to cast this talented voice actress!

  • @deleted296639

    Bna is a very talented person that I got the pleasure to meet through some projects and let me tell you: THIS. GIRL. IS. AMAZING!!
    I absolutely LOVE her voice acting and I can tell she's simply just very dedicated to her work
    If you are considering casting her for your project, PLEASE DO! She will definitely live up to your expectations, if not surpass them!
    10/10, would recommend again B)

  • @darling-donutcat

    Okay yall this girl is INCREDIBLE!!!! BNA has been a name i have seen pop up in auditions lots of times. She IS WAAAYYYYY beyond SPECTACULAR. It has been a pleasure to work with her and be friends <3

  • @evie-gachagirl

    I haven't worked with Bna for very long, but she is super talented! She's a wonderful person and a great voice actor. Bna has a memorable voice, and great talent! You should definitely cast her for a project of yours, she's AMAZING!

  • @riri-va

    Bna is a very talented voice actress. She always has a great grasp of the character she plays and performs them so well. I am very glad I've had the opportunity to work alongside her in VA projects.

  • @chanheeee

    ive worked with anna in a lot of projects and let me tell you she is mucho pog, she hands in her lines vyerveyrvyevrye fast like holy its that fast. shes rlly kind and talented. she has a large range and can do any type of voice! so instead of reading this why dont u go cast her rn ^w

  • @dcooper

    What I like with Anna is that she different then anyone else I work with. What I mean by that is when I assign her due dates. she delivers them on the day I assign. then having me to wait for the other lines to be deliver on other days. I'm grateful on her playing the role of bloom on the winx club fan dub. she really goes all out with the character and easy to get along with.

  • @deleted420265

    I'm currently voicing in a project with bna_VA and her voice is truly amazing. I look up to many VAs and bna is one of them!! She is definitely worthy of being cast!

  • @dakaritheanimegirl

    Bna is absolutely amazing! She can do so many voice ranges up to child to young adult and i love all the expressions that she dose when it comes to voice acting, and as a VA myself all i could say is that she is fabulous and a great VA please cast her!!!!

  • @berri

    Honestly, Bna is a true QUEEN. She will literally post her audition the same day the script is released. That's saying a lot 😳 Her auditions are all great and get better each time. Her range is also veeeeery wide. I honestly have no reason to not cast her for your project. She's also super active in the team servers and just a fun person in general Stan this queen <3

  • @jazaxiee

    Here, have a recommendation I should of done a long time ago. *inhales* BNA IS A MOTHERTRUCKING QUEEN, HANDS DOWN. She's heavily pog, talented, and so much more that my dum dum fingers will practically type out the whole dictionary at this point. I love her to my hearts content, bna, you're a damn underrated sweetie, how are you so amazing?! But, point is, she's a legend.

    Stay pog, bna! Ly! <3
    -The Dum Dum (aka Jazaxiee)

  • @deleted465173

    Bna is in my project. She is an amazing VA! It's not just that Bna is a good voice actor, but she is super easy to work with! She is underrated, she needs more subs! :D

  • @sunny-bxnni

    Bna is absolutely OUTSTANDING! She has such an angelic voice along with the most amazing personality. I'm so glad I've gotten to meet and work with Bna! If you're considering receiving voice work from Bna, my advice is you just go for it! You 100% won't regret casting her! ^^

    Love ya!