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About Dylan Nox

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▹[Heya! I'm Dylan (also known as Wiz)!] 

I'm a freelance male voice actor and vocalist who specializes in the mid-to-high range (D3-G5 | Tenor)! 


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▹[Contact Information] 

| Website: https://dylanox.carrd.co/

| Email: dylanoxva @ gmail.com

| Discord: wizgamingxd


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▹[What to include?] 

Before you contact me, please make sure you can provide the following: 

     ▹ Summary of the project 

      Long vs. short term project 

      Description of the character I’ll be playing 

      Examples of your work 

     ▹ Media form of the project (game, visual novel, animation, etc.) 


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[Ready to reach out?] 

Check out my "Pricing" section below! 

(I will not accept NSFW roles) 


$0.10 per word

$1.00 per line

- Pricing does NOT apply if I audition for your project-

What Dylan Nox is looking for

I accept all kinds of projects as long as the director can guarantee they will be completed!

  • @deleted296639

    Wiz is a very hardworking person and by far one of the most talented people I frequently work with. He's overall just an amazing VA and is very active and friendly in every project he's in. As a director, he's very professional and always provides enough detail in his scripts, not to mention he knows how to properly direct his voice actors. I really do recommend him if you are in need of voice actors in your project :D

  • @candied-bubbles

    Hi. Can I just say this guy is amazing? He really knows what he's doing when he voice acts, and is a great person to be around. Hire him, because you won't regret anything.

  • @seym_dna

    Wiz is the star of RFA periodt- He is such an understanding person. His voice is unique and you won't regret casting him.

  • @probably-sea

    Okay- Wiz is just all-around amazing. He's an amazing and hard-working director, and he is very clear on how he wants the work done. He is so much fun to work with and I'm so glad I've gotten to provide voice work for him!
    Not to mention he's a fantastic voice actor! He puts so much effort into all that he does and is truly amazing at performing the roles he is cast for! He is also very punctual with deadlines. If he auditions for you, I would highly recommend casting <3

  • @nvstolgia

    Similar to his other recommendations, it is a given to what I am about to adorn in this description when it comes to this VA. His voice has very much an impeccable range, a very sweet voice might I add. His voice work comes without much delay and is of the greatest quality! Working with him is of an experience that is indescribable! As a community member, Wiz lightens and brightens the mood without a doubt! He is such a gem and a joy to have as a friend and as a VA!

  • @kazumistories

    Alright... Where to begin..? Wiz is an outstanding person. He is decisive and fun to be around! Though I haven't been in any sort of project with him as of now, I know for a fact that he is an ASTONISHING voice actor! He really brings his characters to life with his voice. I highly recommend that you hire this talented voice actor! If you happen to see him auditioning for one of your projects, you won't need to think twice about casting him! I promise you 100% that you will not regret it throughout your entire life.

  • @bna_va

    OMG I STAN WIZ AND YOU SHOULD TOO! Ok but seriously, he's such a hardworking/talented VA! He can meet deadlines, have emotion, good mic, and etc etc!!
    He's also a really kind, kewl, and HILARIOUS person to work/vibe with. So therefore, I totally recommend casting him:)

  • @anxiouswinter

    Completed his voice work very quickly and with amazing quality. Very expressive actor who excelled at the character he played. Definitely recommend!

  • @magicem

    Wiz is an extraordinary voice actor, director and above all friend. I have worked with him on many projects at this to the point we might be stalking each others CCC’s for projects! I’m kidding but that’s how often we end up working alongside each other and each character he plays he never disappoints. His range will definitely expand with time but it’s not too shabby right now and his acting is incredible!! Not related but also related; he’s quite an amazing singer too

    As a director his scripts and instructions on lines are clear, cut to the point and the products he produces with not only his hard work but the hard work of his VA’s and possible others like artists always turns out amazing.

    I met this guy from a project and honestly I’m glad I did cause I’m proud to call him one of my closest friends; I hope I can work along side him more and possibly help him with his projects

    If you see him audition for you definitely give him a chance; he’s funny, kind, talented, passionate and motivated! He would be an amazing asset to your team 💕

  • @dizvoices

    I've voice acted on a couple of projects with Wiz, and he has a very energetic unique voice. He is able to portray any character given to him well and overflows with personality in every performance. Below is a clip of his performance as Kai from Royal Fairy Academy up until the 5:59 min mark.

  • @darling-donutcat

    Wiz OMG he is spectacular!!! He is always such a joy to work with and be on a project with him is like the best thing ever. He is such a talented and amazing person! Idk why he has so little recommendations he deservers so much more for the talented person he is!! ~love you wiz ^^

  • @kazuva

    WizGamingXD is a chad. I talk to this kid every once in a while and I gotta say he is a nice boy. His voice is what gets me the most though owo. He is such an amazing VA and will perform well in your project. He will follow all directions asked from the director and send outstanding work. You know, the basic things to a really good VA. Cast him please, just do it.

  • @supermc-adeley

    As a fellow voice actor and friend Wiz is incredibly talented and he is just the funniest person to be around with. Wiz just makes me laugh everytime he just says something out of the ordainary. He also has unique and spectacular voice and it just amazes me how much talent he has. If you see him on your casting call you should definitely cast him.

  • @deleted401181

    Like all of the other recommendations Wiz has received, they say how much of a skilled and talented voice actor he is, and I completely agree with them. Wiz is not only and amazing voice actor, but his personality is very pog. He's funny, and can be professional, and is generally a good guy to talk to. His work is flawless, and if you ever see him audition, give him a chance!

  • @mitaso

    Wiz is SUPER expressive and passionate when it comes to Voice acting. He is an all around power house and is truly someone you do not want to overlook. Lots of time and effort is put into the projects that he is in and that is the ideal outlook for anyone who is in a cast. Lastly, he is a very easy going person to get a long with, if he needs to communicate he will put his 100%.

  • @deleted385240

    Wiz is an amazing voice actor. He turns his lines in on time, gets along well with the other voice actors, and takes pride in his voice acting work. He does the emotions for the characters so well and puts so much hard work into all he does. Keep up the fantastic work!

  • @deleted440809

    As a fellow voice actor with Wiz, I believe he is an EXCELLENT voice actor. He gives so much emotion and clarity with his lines it's so unbelievable. The quality that comes with it makes it even BETTER! I eventually hope to even provide voice work for this amazing person. If you don't cast Wiz, something's wrong!

  • @darling-donutcat

    Wiz talk about underrated. I have seen Wiz around before i met him as a VA and a friend. When i met Wiz i was so astounded about how well he can portray emotions. He is also a very big softie <3 he is like one of the nicest people you will ever come across. Words can not describe how much wiz deserves recognition for his amazing work. I enjoyed working with Wiz as a VA and as a director. WIz is such a good VA and Director so make sure to hire him or check out his projects.

  • @deluxe-brownie-gacha-girl

    So first off, i wanna say he is amazing. He is so talented. also can i mention he is amazing at his drawing i can tell by his pfp. Second of all, he has an amazing voice and that inspired me to voice act. He inspired me because he was able to change into different tones of his voice. and that just amazed me. Lastly, he is very compassionate and determined. and he doesn't give up that's easily. So he is an amazing person and thats why im insprired. Thank you for that Wiz

  • @deleted537568

    Wiz is honestly something else- He is an amazing director and voice actor I have met him in person before But I can tell that he will grow up to be one of the best Directors in the entire world! I think you should definitely cast him if he VA's for you project! :D