Philip Kraaijenhof

Philip Kraaijenhof

Bilingual (Dutch/English) Voice Actor based in The Netherlands with over 2 years of experience in the industry! I work in my home studio, trying to make a living with my passion.

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About Philip Kraaijenhof

My name's Philip but my username has always been flappetap ever since i was 6, it basically means 'Money tap' because i used to think ATMs were walls that deposit free money... I know, it's weird.

Anyways please feel free to DM me at my discord (flappetap#6284). or send me an Email to flappetapcc @ gmail . com or Philipkraaijenhof @ gmail . com (both work)

Timezone: CET/CEST (UTC +1/+2)


My Specs:

  • [RØDE NT-1] Microphone

  • [Audient ID14 MKII] Interface

  • [T.Akustik] Vocal Booth (With extra Moving Blankets)

  • [Reaper] DAW



[Album] Narrator | Phases - Wneup

[Audio Drama] Chima Fernis, Pinto Dempsey (From EP8 Forward) | Nightshade Academy - Mel Torrefranca

[Audio Drama] Faust | OFDD - POLYWHIRL

[Audio Drama] Ollie | Oh The Horror - KNEWLORE

[Audio Drama] Colt (17,37), Franky (36:32) | The Love Talker EP 7 - ALIEN GHOST ROBOT

[Comic Dub] Vexen | THE SPACE BETWEEN - Wave and Squimoo

[Visual Novel] Rhime | Tunnel Vision - Melancholy Marionette

[Visual Novel] Llu | The Hostage - Melancholy Marionette

[Visual Novel] Seiji | The Arch Vessel - ElectriNut

[Video Game] Diego | Gales of Nayeli - BlindCoco Studios

[Video Game] Joel : {Video Ver.} | Butterflies - Le Capitaine

[Video Game] Frank (Hospital Director) : {Video Ver.} | Omitted - PsychoRavens

[Animation] Yuki | 'The Request' Lovers in Crime Animated Short - CrashTakoStudios

[Animation] Evan | Pride’s Misfits - CrashTakoStudios

[Animation (Japanese)] Aoi | Flappetako - CrashTakoStudios

[Animation] Hunter | SUPER ACTION TEAM - Svennnnnnnn

[Animation] Robert | America’s Sweetheart Animatic - Leilapop

[Trailer] Colonist | The Ghost - LIV

[AudioTour (Dutch)]Nieuwegracht 90 | Vrouwen In Verzet- Noord-Hollands Archief

Voiceconsult - 2023

Workshop Nasynchronisatie (ADR)

Instructed by Anneke Beukman & Franky Reumen

Dutch ADR lessons, practice and info about the Dutch VO Industry

Closing Credits - 2023

Voice Acting 101

Instructed by John Wang

Breath control, Emphasis on speech and Reading scripts

Skills Academy - 2023

The Complete Acting Course

Instructed by Galadriel Stineman

15-Steps to Dramatically Improve Your Acting Skills

Closing Credits - 2023

Audio Enigineering for Voice Actors

Instructed by Tony Wijs & Laneth Sffarlenn

The fundementals of Audio Engineering, specifically directed towards Voice Actors to understand Audio!

StudioNPC - 2023


Instructed by Dustin Rubin

Undertstanding the Character you play in a commercial environment. Several approaches and workout sessions with lots of talented people!

Closing Credits - 2023


Instructed by June Yoon

Making choices in acting, improvising scenes and playing with words.

Closing Credits - 2023

Voice Acting 201

Instructed by Deb Munro

Styles of voice acting, portraying emotions and focusing on direction.

Voice Acting Mastery - 2024

Online Voice Acting Workshop

Instructed by Crispin Freeman

Learned some important fundementals of acting and a mountain of knowledge. Very useful feedback on character performances and overall a great time!


My Standard Rates are (Depending on Project):

(Open to negotiate)

$25 per 2min Script for Narration Youtube/Snapchat/Tiktok Channel

Other rates are dependant on the project itself

What Philip Kraaijenhof is looking for

An Original project of any kind that needs a voice! it could be an Animation, Audio Story, Video Game, etc.
Let me bring your personal creation to life!

  • @deleted478112

    Flappetap is a wonderful actor and a pleasure to communicate with. He always responds so quickly and is so kind. I appreciate his earnest interest in helping me any way he could, and was always open to suggestions. He delivered his lines very quickly and has been a joy to work with!

  • @nyc

    Flappetap is an amazing voice actor with a genuine heart of gold. Determined in every project he does, he is willing to see it through. His energy and passion for voice acting is refreshing and he will definitely give you a stunning final project.

  • @deleted510429

    Met through Danganronpa: Raven's Call. He has great vocal control and can do a variety of voices- all of the ones I've heard have been spot on for the character's personality. We've also had quite a few conversations on Discord, and he's always been pleasurable to talk to/work with. Also seems fairly experienced with editing software since he edits his own YouTube videos + has helped me with editing advice.

    Doesn't like elevator music so that's a -1, but the positives of hiring Flappetap far outweigh this negative, so I definitely recommend casting him. :)

  • @explicitcensor

    He has such range and conviction in his performances that truly bring a character to life. Not only are his accents believable but the consideration for the character he plays can be felt in every word. He is an intense actor that you can still have fun speaking with behind the scenes.

  • @tveseli

    An amazing voice actor who delivered his lines brilliantly and super quick! He's very easy to talk to, working with him was a pleasure and he helped me figure out exactly how I wanted my character to sound. Would highly recommend!

  • @cozelli

    Great communication. Flappetap was quick to respond to me, and offered to retry takes. He helped make the process quick, easy, and simple :)

  • @zack4343

    Flappetap not only did a great job voice acting, he took some of the burden directing the project too! He would help me in any way he could. Including coaching my own voice acting. He played Kochi, and the Octane leader, in the anime project I made on YouTube.

  • @zack4343

    What can I say that I have not already.. Flappetap is amazing! He goes above and beyond as a voice actor and works to improve the project as a whole! I highly recommend him. 

  • @phonobabble

    Flappetap did an wonderful job playing Kochi in the rocket league anime. Pronunciation all on point and such a fitting voice!

  • @jdoesstuff

    Flappetap voiced Kirby in the latest episode of my Kirby cartoon. He did a great job at voicing the character and was very easygoing and efficient to work with. I am glad to have him on my team of actors.

  • @Mr_EMC

    Flappetap is very talented, well versed with accent work, and got me lines when I asked for them quickly. 

  • @gramsy

    Awesome voice, extremely easy to manage and direct. Required no extra time and worked expeditiously within our time frame. Definitely a strong professional, would recommend for your project.

  • @svennnnnnnn

    Flappetap was great to work with and very communicative. He engaged with the role and delivered the lines as asked in a high quality on time going above and beyond. He always gave at least a take in the originaly intendet way but improved the quality of the project by giving additional takes with slight nuances using his own creativity. Besides the quality of the lines itself Flappetap is able to provide amazing ad-lib sounds, which he also delivered in a great volume and variety to a high quality. 

    Any project would be happy to have him. 

  • @leilapop

    Flappetap was amazing to work with! If you're looking for a professional, efficient, incredibly talented voice actor, then he is exactly that!

  • @ducky-productions

    Flappetap did a great job voice acting as a policeman for my Machinima. A very friendly and talented person, I really enjoyed working with them!

  • @melancholy-marionette

    I was itching to work with Philip after coming close to casting him in a previous project, and I’m so glad that we finally had the opportunity to work together :3 Not just an incredible voice actor, but also makes communication a breeze (something that means a heck of a lot for someone like me with social anxiety!) Lines were delivered both swiftly and with some of the most excellent audio quality I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. I’m extremely excited to work together again in the future!

  • @TheAnonymousGhoul

    Everyone else has already said what needs to be said, so I'll just make my recommendation funny... BRO 10/10 ONG ONG SO FR 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪 this man right here so fr