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About Zack4343

I am Zack! I am an ambitious 22-year-old going through school for a Graphic Design degree. I have been doing YouTube on and off since I joined the Army in 2017. I left the Army in 2020 in pursuit of school and will eventually start making video games and other creative projects. I am very passionate about creating things and love to work with people in the process of it too. 

Discord: Zack4343#9940 *Please DM me, don't be afraid to. I am always open.*

  • @xieken

    Zack has a vision to create a project probably no one else has tried before, and I'm proud to say I'm a part of it. His responses are quick and precise and very open to suggestions and criticisms. I hope I have the opportunity to work with him again

  • @flappetap

    Very passionate about his projects! Goes the extra mile to make sure everything goes smoothly. Very easy to communicate with and a lot of fun to be around with. I'm excited to see more of his work!

  • @eramiah

    Zack was a pleasure to work with. He was passionate about the project and put in a lot of work to make it as good as it could be. He was responsive and open to feedback. The project felt collaborative and it was a fun experience to work with him.

  • @shouganai_senpai

    Everything went smoothly and incredibly quick when working with Zack. He is very communicative and knows what is needed from his performers, all the while providing everything that the performers need. I look forward to any continued work with him.

  • @joshua-k

    I was cast as a replacement for one of the characters for one of Zack's projectst. Being the only VA that needed replacing for the most recent episode of said project, it was a challenge delivering my lines within a day, but Zack went above and beyond to get me up to speed. He gave me solid direction on how the lines ought to have been delivered, and I was able to deliver on-time as a result. 10/10 would work with him again!

  • @xieken

    Zack in a very talented individual. But what I like most is how prompt and active he is in what he does. He's passionate in his projects willing to make the hard decisions when he needs to. 

  • @flappetap

    Once again... Zack created an amazing episode with a lot of talented voice actors that he managed and with that he made a lot of tough decisions for the best of the project.

  • @HeyItsKoe

    I am very passionate about creating things, and love to work with people in the process of it too.

    Man's description of himself is no joke! Zack is a real solid, hardworking creator! He manages me and others and also voices along with us in his Japanese dub Rocket League anime series. I can only look forward to more amazing episodes and projects with this dude!

  • @fazachm

    Zack is a guaranteed top notch director!! he always updates his voice actors on his progress and is not afraid to ask for opinions! he also even reminds the cast to their lines on times and is not afraid to be strict so i really reccomend him!!

  • @youngotaku

    Zack is very passionate and on top of things when directing a project. Very hands on and tries his best to communicate as much as possible with his cast members. Also updates everyone on the progress of it and if anything happens along the way. Been a very fun experience with him directing and a nice time all around!

  • @pookieparrot

    I currently have the pleasure to work with Zack on his Rocket League Anime, he is an amazingly dedicated director who is persistent, yet accommodating. I'm amazed with Zack's ability to manage and make a success of such an ambitious project in a language that many of the members are learning (including myself). I very much look forward to working with Zack and the rest of the crew!

  • @phonobabble

    Really easy to work with, gives clean and easy directions or corrections to follow when I need them. Overall a great experience working with Zack!