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I'm primarily a visual novel solo dev, but I started working with voice actors on my very first project, hoping to have all of my projects voiced. I'm a huge fan of English language voice acting and would love to see more of it in the visual novel genre, especially when it comes to indie games. I enjoy creating games for game jams, though I also have long-term projects on the go. I've never had much money in my life, so most of my projects are for fun, but I do hope to get enough funding someday to be able to pay voice actors properly for their time and talent :3

You can find my visual novel projects here on :3

  • @sayhalogoodbye

    So sweet and so easy to work with! I completely understood the character and the directions for the lines without needing to ask any follow-up questions. The project was well written and so fun to record. I cannot wait for everything to be finished!

  • @dominicdevlin665

    The creator of one of my favourite projects I have ever worked on! Oozes a deep passion, talent and love for anything she works on, that was obvious to me the moment I got casted for a role in one of her most recent projects, and even more so with the final product now completed! Information was clear and easy, communication was anything but short and sweet (In a good way :P) and it was an absolute pleasure to work with her and be a part of her project! Here's hoping I get to work with her again in future!

  • @dominicdevlin665

    Having voice acted for another one of Melancholy Marionette's projects (and because she recommended me again :P) I am recommending her once more! Communication for lines and information was fast and clear to understand, and it's obvious from the speed at which she gets her projects done and the quality of said projects - which are of course often for game jams with strict time limits - she is incredibly talented and passionate about her work! She puts more work into her projects that she gets done in a month or less than I have seen some developers put into their projects in a year, especially some of the projects here on CCC and she deserves the highest praise for it!

    Another fantastic experience being a part of another one of her projects and I hope she'll have me back for more in the future! Go and check out Bitter/Sweet Blythe and her other projects, yall!