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About Jdoesstuff

Hello, I'm J and I do stuff!
I do a few different things like art, gaming, technical computer stuff. But most of what I do here on Casting Call will be in regard to video and voice over projects.
The types of videos I make that I'm most passionate about are animatics. Videos detailing a story through a series of still images with dynamic camera angles and zoom effects to give the feeling of being animated.

The primary purpose of my presence on here is to find voice actors to portray the characters who appear in my videos. I do a little voice work myself from time to time. But even then, my voice is pretty terrible. So I'd prefer a variety of people to voice the characters.


You can find me on these platforms on my carrd!


I also have a Discord as well as a dedicated server for voice over projects. If you're interested in helping with one of my projects, PM me and I will give you the link to the server!

  • @flappetap

    Jdoesstuff has given me the opportunity to voice a character named gladion in his ongoing series named: 'Jay and Porygon'. After doing my first audition, he gave me good feedback that I used for a second chance. It was very fun to work on this project and with J!

  • @tae-gae

    I was cast as Tuff in their project "Interdimensional Field Trip - Kirby's Adventures in Dream Land". I recorded my lines for the special with a very well-written and easy-to-understand script, J was fun to work with and would update me on the project's release. I enjoyed working with him, it was fun, easy, and definitely worth my time.