Ian Minderman

Ian Minderman

Professional American Voice Actor and Director

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About Ian Minderman

I'm a professional voice talent from America. I've been
voice acting for 4 years and my voice has been heard over 4 billion

Like Nastya (2018 - 2021)
I played the father on Like Nastya, the most popular children's channel in existence. I also directed the dub in multiple languages from 2019 - 2020.

EvaTV (2020 - 2021)
I directed the dub and acted as multiple characters in this Russian teen drama.

Kinder Spielzeug Kanal (2020 - Present)
I direct the dub for this German children's channel in multiple languages. I also play a variety of child and adult characters in the English dub.

Carlsberg Group (2020)
I narrated the corporate training materials for this beer company.

Jordanian House of Representatives (2020)
I narrated a guided tour for the government of Jordan.

Qatar 2030 (2020)
I directed and played multiple characters in this film produced for the Qatari government.

Yandere Simulator (2020)
I played two extras in this anime-themed stealth game.

Telegram: @IanMVA
Discord:ย Ian Minderman#8533


Pricing in negotiable.

  • @akariki-lee

    Ian is very professional and awesome to work with! I was cast for one of his paid projects and it's been a dream. He's very responsive and always open to answer questions and help you out! Not only that, but he also went the extra mile to refer me to the director as an editor on top of being a voice actress. If you ever get the chance to work with him, take it! He's the best~

  • @andrastae

    Working with Ian was a real pleasure; from the very first moment we spoke, he was professional, open minded and friendly. No matter if I had questions to lines or syncing, Ian always provided a quick and very helpful answer; he always watched out that everything is perfect, not only for him and the producer but also for me;
    And that makes him one of the best people I ever had the pleasure to work with.

  • @dottovu

    Ian was a pleasant and knowledgeable person to work with, being patient with the revisions. Furthermore, he would do quality checks to ensure that the quality of the delivery satisfied involved parties. I would recommend Ian for his professional attitude and patience!

  • @hussein-baghdad

    I am so happy to work with Ian and I truly thank him for providing me with this opportunity to showcase my skills and move forward towards my voice acting career goals.
    I am truly glad and impressed with the way the work is handled and organized, and I appreciate the kind and detailed guidance.

  • @palmeva

    I strongly recommend working with Ian. The scripts that he sends me were easy to understand. A Kind man and very cooperative and holds his promise! Very professional, polite and patient. It was a pleasure to work with him. if I see more projects coming from him, I would definitely audition as a Voice Actor again.

    Thank you for choosing me!

  • @owleeve

    Ian does an incredible job as a director. He gives me very detailed explanations to any questions I might have on the project and does not hesitate to give me feedbacks on my recordings. He is very professional but also has a positive attitude that really makes us feel at ease. I would highly recommend working with him if you desire a person who takes his job seriously on your team.

  • @apollolegacyinc

    Working with Ian is a pleasure! As a director he's always available to answer any questions you have and always answers clearly and precisely. I'm very happy and proud to be working with him!

  • @rjh_voiceover

    Ian was a very communicative and effective director, he told me exactly what he needed and when he needed something new, he made sure to go above and beyond to communicate that and to compensate me accordingly. I would absolutely work with him again, and can recommend him to anyone who wants to work with a director that does not beat around the bush. ๐Ÿ‘

  • @hussein-baghdad

    I've been working with Ian on multiple projects. He's is absolutely amazing and very skillful. He's my favorite American actor of all time because he's got the iconic voice and the performance that stay in the listener's mind and make them want to continue listening. If you're looking for a very well self-managing, team-leading, humble, smart, talented, ICONIC actor, Ian is the absolute one.

  • @mlee031290

    Ian was the director of a dub on which I had worked. Ian was nothing short of creative, friendly, and a consummate professional. He gave great direction, was responsive, and directed the project in a friendly and creative way. I highly recommend Ian for any voice job you need!

  • @willowroam

    Ian is a wonderful individual to work with. Communication was quick and easy. All questions were answered; there were never any issues and if there were problems or retakes required along the way, I could ask questions/discuss things with him. He's very patient, understanding, and kind. A great motivator and a joy to work with!
    I would love to work with him again in the future. Thanks for a wonderful opportunity. : )

  • @xanderphillips

    As a director, Ian was very easy to work with and very respectful to his cast and crew.
    I really hope I can work with him again. ๐Ÿ˜

  • @jacobverse_team

    He was A B S O L U T E L Y P E R F E C T , It's a no-brainer to reccommend him!

  • @brotibs

    Ian Minderman has been a fantastic director in many aspects, be it tutorials and lessons, encouragement and criticism, or organization and scheduling. I didn't know a thing about dubbing until I met him, and I'm glad to have had the opportunity to!

  • @mvo

    Ian very quickly showed how efficient and effective he was as a project manager. With his guidance, getting acquainted with the project's set-up, needs, and expectations as well as insuring our payment plan was secured and who to go to for help within the project's team was a breeze.

    Feedback on lines have been prompt, and everything has been handled fairly. Ian can handle your project, be it voicing, directing, managing, all three or more.

  • @alana-joy

    Ian is incredible to work with. He's very kind-hearted and honest, and he himself is incredibly talented! He's willing to reach out, give advice, and lend a hand in your pursuit. He's given me such wonderful opportunities, and I can't wait to do more work with him in the future! Definitely someone you want to work with!!

    Thank you, Ian!

  • @enovotnyva

    I really enjoyed working with Ian. His communication was always quick and thorough. He was also patient with any revisions needed.
    Thank you, Ian!