Melanie Rose

Melanie Rose

Just trying to put myself out there more 

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About Melanie Rose

A 28 year old Vtuber twitch streamer wanting to put myself out there and follow my dreams of becoming a voice actor. I use to do a lot of theatre/ acting in high school and college but gave up that passion. So here I am giving it another shot and getting the experience I always wanted!

Discord- Melrose#1606

On fiverr aswell!

  • @core_invisoo

    I knew Mel from her Twitch. She was the first streamer who actually caught my attention and somehow got me stuck to watch her everytime she streams. Her voice is comforting at times and also chaos anytime she wants! What's more unique about her voice is when she makes Pikachu sound (which is her fav pokemon) and until now I am and will always support her

  • @eurasianrob

    I had the pleasure of meeting Melanie on a project we did together and I was blown away by her skills! Melanie asserts this was her first role but I find this sceptical especially because of the level of talent she put out. In addition to this she has a wonderful sense of humour and very good chemistry to act with back and forth. She takes direction well and alters her performance to meet the directors needs. I happily recommend Melanie and look forward to any work I may have with her in the future.

  • @thatlovepodcast

    Melanie was an absolute pleasure to work with. She's one of the kindest person I've ever worked with. She's funny, energetic, and a allround good-hearted soul. Her voice is unique and unrivalled, she brings her A-game to projects you bring her. A class act in full form. I'm honoured to have worked with such a wonderful person. I highly recommend hiring if you want to bring quality to your work. I hope to god I get to work with her again. It would like Ice cream on a hot summer day. Thank you for everything Melanie. Thank you