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About Maxe84

Swedish guy living in Japan. Working as an English teacher.

My goals: Get into more voice acting roles. Such as games, narrating voice work, book readings ect.

My first project was a trailer by Mark Louis Spark. I voice the traitors Word Bearers. It was a lucky first experience for me.

Now I am making my own projects, with writing, editing and producing. It's a great experience for me. I hope I will get a chance to work with a lot of wonderful people on this site.

 Do not hesitate to contact me about anything!

  • @elena_trle

    If you need a charismatic character, like a military man, gang leader, ruthless pirate or calculating trader - choose this voice actor, you'll not regret. He voiced two characters for my project, and they both sound just perfect. I would call this voice actor very talented and professional, besides of this he works fast enough. Recommended.

  • @eurasianrob

    It was my honour to be cast as King Harold Godwinson in Maxe's historical audio drama production.

    Maxe is very friendly, approachable and driven making him a fantastic project lead.

    He has conducted research to aid the authenticity of his work thereby increasing the quality of his writing which is already of a top quality.

    His passion can be seen easily in his work and how he conducts himself.

    I look forward to continuing my work with Maxe and can easily recommend his skills as a writer and project leader.