Seth Quine

Seth Quine

I have a degree in Creative Writing and have written novels, scripts (musicals, shows, and games), and comics (I worked with Rooster Teeth). I have also been a director on musicals and audio dramas. I have done some VC but have found that I'm more into creating the story! My discord is oliehart

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About Seth Quine

  • @rihoko-shimomura

    He was passionate about the Harry Potter project, and his email was very prompt. His email was polite and friendly! I just want to say thank you for being a part of this project! A great friend!

  • @eurasianrob

    As narrator for a project Seth was directed I was blown away by how relaxed the environment was for myself and my fellow actors.
    Whilst continuing to keep production underway Seth manages to maintain a calm atmosphere to work in making the project much easier to contribute to.
    Friendly easily approachable and understanding I have no problem at all in recommending Seth as a director and look forward to any future work we may do.