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About MatthewRWright

Howdy. I'm Matthew R Wright (He/Him). I'm a writer, a director and a voice actor from the UK.
I run DARKTREEAUDIO, an independent audio-drama group that specializes in short and long-form audio storytelling. 

Follow me on Twitter and YouTube. 

I am a one-person production team, from writing, directing, producing, composing, editing and everything else in-between. 

I've written scripts in the Horror, Science Fiction, Superhero, Thriller and Comedy genres and the list keeps growing. 

I hope you enjoy my work (some of which is listed below)


BBC (Rural Media):

Someone Dies in the Elevator Podcast
- Remembering Octavia

Fire-master Dr Flame:
- Episode 10: The Shadow That Kills
- Episode 13 + 14: The Spotted Planet Parts 1 & 2

The Merry Beggars Podcast - Do you Remember? 

The Spectre: Defender of Memphis
- Episode: Meals on Wheels

Where The Tracks End:
- Stalker Episode 01: Are You Paying Attention?
- Stalker Episode 02: The Man wearing a Hornet
- Stalker Episode 03: The Fishing Game
- Stalker Episode 04: It's a wonderful time of the year
- Stalker Episode 05: Back to School
- Stalker Episode 06: Caring for the Elderly
- Stalker Episode 07: Family Matters
- Stalker Episode 08: R&R in A&E
- Stalker Episode 09: The Hidden Light

- Episode 03:  Weighing up the Options
- Episode 05: The Fix It Pit
- Episode 11: Ricker

Vaneiaa (Battle For the Future)
- Episode: At All Costs

Fractures Podcast
- Episode 01: Ten Years Today
- Episode 02:  Freedom!
- Episode 03: Reflections
- Episode 04: Freakout
- Episode 05: Pieces and their Order
- Episode 06: Seeing Red
- Episode 07: Enemy Lines
- Episode 08: Trails
- Episode 09: Deep Dive
- Episode 10: Graveyard Shift
- Episode 11: The Rabbit, the Raven, and the Road
- Episode 12: The Woman in the Mirror
- Episode 13: Dancing on the Point of no Return
- Episode 14: The Relink, the Steal and the Recovery

  • @eurasianrob

    I have had the pleasure of working with Matt on multiple projects this far and have to say how fantastic he is to work with.

    Matt's keen skills at script writing as well as is his ability at imparting his unique humour and love for science fiction in his work.

    Matt's passion is clearly seen and felt through all his hard work on projects and his friendly supportive nature aids his abilities when it comes to direction.

    I recommend Matt wholeheartedly as both a director and writer.

  • @radio-squidworks

    Matthew cast me for a role that unfortunately I was unable to complete due to a work schedule conflict. However, I feel confident in recommending working with him based on his kindness and professionalism alone. He's an all round solid writer and content creator with great communication skills.
    I sincerely hope I get the opportunity to work with him on a later project.

    Good luck with all your future works,

    -Jimi S.

  • @third-eye-storytelling

    Matthew knows exactly what he's doing on the storytelling side of things. I'm glad I was able to voice in one of his projects, and I'm glad to have him as a part of my writing team on Bullet Born.
    One more time; this guy knows what he's doing!

  • @lbs1124

    Matthew is an ecxellent writer/producer. I assisted him with a project a while back, and was extremely satisfied with the results. I'm very happy that I was able to assist him with a project, and would easily work with him again on future projects.

  • @ashewagneracting

    Matthew has been an excellent director on the project What Happened When IT Arrived! He gave me a lot of encouragement, and he showed resilience and determination to complete the project despite a few roadblocks that dropped into his path. He made me feel very appreciated and respected as a voice talent, and I'd work with him again any time!

  • @theoverlordbear

    I've provided my voice for two of his short audio stories so far, and while they were fun experiences, his involvement in growing my writing skills really got me wanting to write a recommendation for him here. I think we still have a lot more to learn about each other, but still, considering how I am, I'd really like to express how his help means a lot to me. For example, check out his showcase of my edgy and sappy script with his wonderful voice! X"D