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About Dilactic


The names Dilactic, A young beginner Voice Actor.
I have recently started voice acting because of a friend, i'm not all that great but i'm hoping to become more of a professional as time comes! 

I have only been Voice acting for well over a few months now, with the help of my friends i'm doing great! They give me amazing tips and so on forth.

You will usually spot me in Gacha projects in the future.


Free, exposure

  • @not-ishiko

    Frisk has an amazing voice and has great emotion! Even though he recently started voice acting, his level of skill is over the roof! I highly recommend you to recruit this amazing VA!!!

  • @elodyva

    Dilactic, oh Dilactic. What can I say? He has an incredible voice and the emotions and lines he presents with it are flawless. This guy's talent is beyond much of what I've seen. As a voice actor, Dilactic comes off as very kind and supportive, and as a friend, incredibly funny, it's always nice talking to him! I promise you Dilactic would be a perfect member of your team^-^

  • @sophkellie

    Dilactic is a friend of mine. He’s funny, nice, and overall a great person to be around!
    We first met through a fandub project. He played Hanako and honestly he did an amazing job. His voice is amazing and so was the quality. It was clear and I felt as the character was amazingly portrayed.
    Thank you!!

    Bellow i will be providing the video that he helped me dub!!

  • @amarey

    dilac i- this guy right here is on fleek kay periodt 

    DILACC AAA HONESTLY IM SO GLAD I GOT TO KNOW HIM! Dilac is such a talented voice actor and artist and I highly recommend as such to consider casting him to be apart of your crew. He delivers lines so well and powerfully all throughout the process entirely. HIs art is also something to be recognized of like the amount of perplexing details and colors poured out is just stunning. As a friend as well, he's the best(est). Dilac is such an easygoing and sweet person and fun to chat with and goof around. To sum it up, he's got loads of it all ✨

  • @deleted527807

    Ayo, Dilactic is like an amzing voice actor and friend! He has a wild ranges of voices with an AMAZING voice! He really shows expression as he is THE character, which makes him a REALLY great voice actor! Come along and chat with him, he is VERY nice and always cheers you up in some sort! He is an extordinary voice actor, I am so proud in him! So GET HERE AND CAST THIS TALENTED BEAN! He is not great an amazing voice actor, but also an amazing friend too! 
    -Krys :D 

  • @haruhixko

    so cool literally got the best voice ive seen in a hot minute