Blue Vandelle

Blue Vandelle

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  • @cheete

    A great performance with excellent characterization, the role on my project in particular had fit her range very well. While we have only worked for a couple of weeks, I found her to be have some excellent work ethic.

  • @andrewdragon32

    Great performance and energy
    Even for a short project have deliver high performation voice acting .

  • @csr-creations

    A sweet voice and fun voice with a strong and burning passion. Vandelle is incredible to have on the team and very good with breathing life into her character and putting a bit of her own heart and soul into them. She also gets very involved with her projects and really gets into it. I am still working with her, as the project is yet to be finished, but I have enjoyed every moment with her and am sure I will continue to.
    I am also working with her as a voice actor for her project, and she’s been a very good project creator/director as well. Communicates with her actors and makes sure it’s a good space for everyone. She is very passionate and cares deeply for her projects.