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About MorgantheWyvern

Just a nerdy lady who's started diving into Voice Acting. I'm a rookie so i'm learning as I go! Also, when I say "singer" I am not professional. xD I have a decent voice but definitely won't be like your lead pop singer or anything. Thanks for stopping by!

Current Voice Projects:

Her Choker: Lottie (in progress)

Demos & Samples

My singing

I did a bit of acapella singing and audio editing to make it sound eerie.

2019 Demo Reel

Several of these are auditions that I've put out since I'm new to the scene.

  • @csr-creations

    An absolutely enchanting voice and very professional worker. Despite the heavy workload she’s been receiving from me, Wyvern does very well about getting everything in on time and is very good with listening to instructions and willing to do as many takes as needed. Her voice is absolutely stunning and she most definitely has fun with her diverse range. I am still working with her, as the project is yet to be finished, but I am honored that she joined my team.